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Case Study

Video Caddy Enables a Day Sail Charter Boat Firm in Virgin Islands to Create Professional Videos to Win and Retain Customers

The Client

The client owns and operates full day, half day, and sunset sail charters based in the US Virgin Islands. Besides amenities provided to the customers such as a sound system onboard, the client’s crew also documents customer adventures using still photos and digital videography.

The Situation – Business Need

The client uses a Go Pro Digital Camera to capture customer adventures onboard. These video footages are later edited and given to the customers on a DVD. However, the client was not happy with their internal video editing , and hence decided to outsource it to Video Caddy.

The Solution

Our solution consisted of the following elements:
One dedicated Video Editor was assigned for this project
The Video Editor had a Supervisor, who also acted as the Quality Analyst
Raw footages of 3+ hours were reduced to a 1 to 2 minute video
Adobe Premiere was used to edit the footages
FTP technology was used to transfer the files

The Results

The following results were achieved:
100% quality was achieved in the video edited.
The video has been uploaded on the client’s website. Sharing this YouTube video via social media continues to attract new customers for the client.
This video was edited and delivered within the agreed turnaround time of 5 hours.
The delighted client has signed up a long-term contract with Video Caddy for their ongoing requirements.

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