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Case Study

Norwegian Company Outsources Explainer Video Animation to Video Caddy to Project Global Sales Volumes to Its Clients

The Client

The client was Norwegian Animation Company specializing in infographic and explainer video animation.


The client wanted to create an explainer video to project the global sales volume. Since the previous UK vendor failed to meet their SLA, they approached Video Caddy to recreate their marketing collateral.

The Challenges

The animation did not meet the client's SLA, and we redrafted the entire animation script, and modulated the video to the following lines:
The project had to be delivered in short turnaround, and crate the video in HD (High-definition)
Recreate an appealing script to present the research statistics and numbers
Capturing important impact scenarios which will help identify the Key Selling points of the customer's business
We had to compromise our pricing to meet the budget left over from the first vendor.


Understanding client's unique situation, we allocated our premium resources to complete this project on-time with agreed quality. Some of the actions were:
Sr. Operations Manager was assign to overlook this project to make sure all Service Level Agreements are met
We recreated the animation script to meet client's marketing objectives
Our project budgeting was redrafted to meet the client's limited budget resources
We created an exclusive animation team to diver this project within stipulated time-frame.
Effective planning and allocations of shots to be illustrated


Video Caddy achieved 100% customer satisfaction by delivering the following:
The project was completed within the stipulated time-frame
The explainer video animation was highly-effective because it projected the information and marketing objectives to its viewers
Project was successfully completed with the allocated resource and budget

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