Renowned Travel Software Solutions Firm Receives 20+ Location-Specific Videos with 60% Overhead Cost-Cuts

A prominent travel software solution firm dealt with its need for more specialized resources by outsourcing video editing services to Video Caddy(VCD). Partnering with VCD for travel video production and editing services, the client received 20+ high-quality, location-specific informative videos and graphic designs.
Client Resource Availability and Management Issues Caused a Dip in Revenue
VCD offers Superior-Quality Video Production and Editing Support with Quick TAT
High-Quality Video Edits & Graphic Designs with 60% Cost savings

The Client- Travel Software Solutions Firm

The client is a travel software solutions firm that enables companies to build a thriving online marketplace for travel bookings and tourist information. The client platform provides an all-inclusive solution for creating stress-free itineraries to improve trip planning and vacation experiences.
The client faced workflow bottlenecks and resource issues due to an unreliable freelance workforce that affected their business and caused a dip in their profit score.
VCD’s professional video production and editing team, flexible engagement plans, and the capability to handle a high volume of work convinced the client that we were a perfect fit for their project!

Business Challenges Faced By The Client

The client faced multiple challenges due to unreliable freelance resources, a slowdown in internal operations, and the resulting revenue losses. Issues in the video production expenses, the company’s infrastructure, and the lack of specialized video and graphics resources added to the losses.
To counter the mounting challenges, the client required a dependable and experienced outsourced team to create 20+ location informative videos, each lasting 20 minutes or more, with a weekly turnaround of 3-5 high-quality videos.
The client required a video production team with the ability to comprehend the script and curate location-specific videos from various stock video websites, along with proficiency in creating and updating graphics and the infrastructure to support high-volume projects.

Why The Client Chose Video Caddy

The client decided to outsource their video creation and graphic design project to Video Caddy because they were impressed by VCD’s comprehensive television broadcasting industry experience. Our sophisticated infrastructure, skilled video production and editing team, and flexible engagement model were other factors that contributed to their decision to choose us.

Project Execution

VCD adopted an operational approach for the project with strict compliance with the client guidelines and timeline. The steps involved in the project execution include:
We Allocated a team of video production and editing professionals with more than two years of experience in the television broadcasting industry.
The team was divided based on their ability to screen the video content from various websites according to the script and their experience.

1. The voice-over artist was assigned the script to start recording the audio narration.

2. We placed our Project Manager with over two years experience in the TV production industry to handle the project execution.

3. With the guidance of the Project manager, the video editor put together outputs with the best graphics and video content.

The video editors and graphic designers worked on video and graphic creation utilizing software that included Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
After the initial approval of the sample videos, our team delivered four to five high-quality videos every week.
VCD’s specialized video production and editing team scaled up by six resources to meet the increasing weekly demand.


Reduction in overheads by more than 60%, resulting in better profitability, was the major project takeaway for the client. The client resolved resource management and workflow bottlenecks with our professional video production and editing support. They received high-quality deliverables with a weekly turnaround of three to five videos.
Moreover, VCD’s project management support helped the client effectively manage the project workflow without the hassle of hiring new resources or spending on infrastructure.
This project also helped Video Caddy enhance its travel video production and editing capabilities, adding to the television broadcasting experience.

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