Case Study

Video Caddy Reduces the Workload of a Top-rated Wedding Video Firm in the US with Exceptional Editing of Multicultural Wedding Videos

The Client – Top Rated US Wedding Video Company

The client is a respected brand in the American wedding video industry, rated among the best by popular wedding websites such as and The client also holds top industry accreditations for customer service practices. The client nurtures a growing community of wedding video artists with sharp photojournalistic talents. The client's appointment as the Official Photographer for a Royal Wedding is another feather in their cap.

The Situation – Business Need

The following requirement directed the client to Video Caddy:

  • The client has an in-house team of over 50 video specialists including editors
  • With the increasing popularity of their brand and the resulting increase in work load, the client sought to outsource some of the wedding videos to be edited by Video Caddy
  • The client's urgent requirement was to edit 90 wedding videos within a span of 2 weeks. Each raw footage ran from 3 to 6 hours

The Challenges – Learning the Cultural Differences

Video Caddy team met the client's requirements, but not without facing the following challenges:

  • 5 video editors were required to complete this task, but we had only 2 of them at hand to commence the project.
  • Since all the wedding videos were shot in contexts relating to different cultures including a mix of Japanese, Norwegian, etc. mixed with American, it took a while for our team members to get a grip of the cultural context to ensure that its essence is not missed out.

The Solution – Planned and Precise Editing

Our solution was shaped with the following steps:

  • To meet the deadline, we procured the right software application, which saves time on multi-cam video editing
  • With no delay, the team size was increased to 5 with 3 new recruits. The team was supervised by a senior editor, who played the dual role of a Quality Analyst as well
  • The videos were received on hard drive, placed on the internal server from which the team accessed and carried out the editing tasks, before sending the final files to the client
  • Adobe Premiere CC 2014 was used to edit the videos
  • Normally, 3 hours of video footages were edited down to 1 hour and 6 hours of video footages were edited down to 2 hours as per the client's requirement

Results – An Ongoing Business Relationship

Our orientation towards time and quality resulted in the following success:

  • Video Caddy's rapid response ensured that the client doesn't lose out on new orders due to excessive backlogs
  • The edited videos were delivered with 100% accuracy
  • The videos met the client's template and shooting standards
  • The client was thoroughly satisfied with the editing quality including the team's understanding of the cultural contexts in which these weddings were captured on video
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