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3D Animation Services

Video Caddy (VCD) provides professionally curated 2D Animation Services that turn this pervasive video style into a marketable, sellable business asset.

3D Animation Services

At VCD, vivid 3D graphics are meticulously composited with Adobe Cinema 4D Lite, Adobe After Effects, 3ds Max, and Maya.
Our 3D animation techniques have been honed to include Inverse Kinematics, Fluid Simulation, Skeletal Animation, Rigging, Rendering, and Special FX.
VCD’s pioneering approach to 3D animation production processes, reasonable pricing structure, and technical capabilities make us a credible, globally endorsed 3D animation outsourcing company.
Our Services

Services From a First Class 3D Animation Agency

VCD’s 3D Animation Services range starts with consultation and analysis during pre-production and sees our client’s custom concepts through all the way to post-production and delivery. Services include, but aren’t limited to:
Interactive 3D Animation
VCD creates interactive product function demonstrations, walkthroughs, virtual tours, and interior and exterior spatial visualizations. With zoom-in, 360° panoramas, and spinning options, your company’s clients, partners,
Industrial 3D Animation
VCD creates 3D animation for industrial domains, modeling manufacturing components, electronic parts, digital medical and industrial equipment, automotive materials, furniture, and industrial spaces in skillfully executed animation using 3ds
3D Stop Motion Animation
VCD creates completely unique 3D models for Stop-Motion Animation, crafted in single frame-by-frame techniques that result in a beautiful mobile, movement-intensive animation. We work with your concepts
3D Product Animation
VCD designs personalized product animation for both consumer and B2B products, including 360° product rotation, 3D product animation reels, and 3D demo videos. Products are formed in crisp, authentically detailed 3D animation
3D Visualization
VCD helps concepts, service propositions, virtual tours and walkthroughs, and interactive product demonstrations succeed with 3D animation built around hyper-realistic visualizations. Primitives in the form of vertexes, edges, splines, faces, or polygons
3D Rendering
VCD creates 3D architectural, product, and mechanical rendering using high quality, crisp, immersive CAD animation techniques. We stress detail and draw attention to the attributes you want to highlight most to help realtors, contractors, architects,

Longstanding Relocation Specialists Outsource Professional 3D Animation Services Through Video Caddy

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We've been working together for close to 3 months now and all seems to be going very well. I can only see this relationship growing over the coming months and as such I think it makes sense for us to look to put a more formal agreement in place.
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Benefits of Outsourcing with a Professional 3D Animation Studio

Companies can leverage VCD’s 3D Animation Services and benefit from 3D Animation that creates what you need, on time, and within budget:
Robust Animation Pipeline
Companies will have the right accompaniments to the animation process, including concepts, storyboards, modeling, texturing, rigging, 3D animation, lighting effects, rendering, compositing, music and soundtrack, and editing.
Advanced Motion Capture Data
Obtain 3D animation that’s built with unique motion capture data parameters like Motion Mixer and Marker Data that filters the data and reduces the number of keys for fluid, better-performing animation.
Experienced Foley Technicians
Enhance your animation with sound effects crafted by top Foley artists who elevate the 3D animation soundtrack with the perfect sounds for a more interesting, inspiring, and diverse track.
Sophisticated 3D Patterns
Access advanced 3D animation techniques that overlap 2D imagery on 3D models for Mapping and Texturing that applies beautiful textural details, colors, and surface effects.
Specialized Rendering Graphics
Receive fully edited 3D animation scenes that focus on camera positioning, lighting balance, color mood, reflections, transparency and opacity, and more.
Vigilant Outsourcing Model
VCD protects the integrity of the client’s concepts, data, and artwork with ISO industry standard practices, and authorized-only access to software and hardware under an organized outsourcing framework.
India’s Principal 3D Animation Company
Increase visibility, recharge your marketing and sales solutions, or see your media project flourish with Video Caddy’s visionary and technically progressive 3D animation outsourcing solutions. Access the best 3D animation software and capabilities handled by in-demand animators.
Contact the experts in 3D animation in India today and start seeing your concepts, products, and stories visualized by a reasonably priced and highly sought-after 3D animation production agency.

Animation Service Process

Developing the Storyboard And Script (Scripting Optional)
Defining Shots, Scenes and Sequences (Basic Analytics)
Texting & Lighting Voiceover and Animation Creation
Sending the Animations for Approval
Ready to Download
Implementing Any Further Changes
Medically Accurate 3D Animated Cell Structures for Swedish Medical Research Firm
Video Clipping of Stock Footages for Popular Italian Video Solution
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