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Cutout Animation Services

Video Caddy (VCD) offers creative cutout animation services for product promotions, training videos, and awareness creatives. With custom-created 2D characters, props, and scenes, our cutout animations present your message effectively for result-oriented marketing campaigns.
Cutout Animation

Explore Video Caddy’s Comprehensive
Cutout Animation Services

Our wide array of animation services ranges from concept to rendering. Video Caddy offers everything in between, depending
on your business’s unique needs. Here’s a look at the cutout animation services we provide.
  • Full Script Development

    Transform your marketing message into a compelling script with our experienced writing team.

  • Professional Storyboarding

    From script to storyboard, we detail essential aspects of your animation, such as angles and transitions.

  • Voiceover and Editing

    VCD’s talented voice actors, including a multilingual team, add a distinct flavor to your animations.

  • Animation Audio

    Our animators employ top-tier animation tools to create cutout animations with crystal-clear audio effects.

  • VFX Services

    Experience breathtaking sequences as VCD’s skilled team merges stop-motion animation with digital design.

  • Character Creation

    Our team crafts unique character models with our sophisticated animation techniques to narrate your brand story.

The Multiple Benefits of Using
Video Caddy’s Cutout Animation Services

As part of our stop motion animation service, cutout animation is a unique tool with several advantages over other styles. One of the main benefits is that it substantially lowers the number of drawings required for full animation. Here are some of the other benefits of using our services.

Saves you Time & Money

Outsourcing cutout animation to VCD saves time and money, assuring affordable pricing and quick turnarounds.


Simplify Product Demos illustration and training easier

Effectively demonstrate product use with customized illustrations and training programs using easy-to-understand animations.


Effective medium

Maximize impact and motivate consumers to take action by evoking an emotional response with impactful cutout animation layouts.


Create Interactive Videos

Amplify brand impact with interactive explainer videos using cutout animations for your products and services.


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Transform your ideas into reality with Video Caddy's top-tier Cutout Animation services. Contact us today to turn your ideas into innovative cutout animations with our VCD’s expert animator team!

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