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Cutout Animation

Video Caddy (VCD) provides cutout animation service to help businesses stand out in a noisy crowd, with a highly effective form of stop motion animation.

Top Quality Cutout Animation Services

Visual media has a powerful impact on potential customers. VCD’s cutout animation is one of the most creative and affordable marketing mediums that can be used in product promotions, training videos, and awareness creatives.
VCD offers this and other forms of stop motion animation with our suite of professional outsourcing services that are based on the recent trends.
With custom created 2D characters, props, and scenes, our cutout animations present your message in an interesting form of result-oriented marketing campaign. Out animators are equipped with the latest cutoff animation software such as Maya, Adobe Animate, etc. to guarantee impressive results. To discuss your projects and get a free quotation, contact us today.
Our Services

Video Caddy Cutout Animation Services

Our wide array of animation services range from concept to rendering. Video Caddy offers everything in between, depending on your business’s unique needs. Here’s a look at the cutout animation services we provide.
Full Script Development Services
Convert your marketing message into a script that will translate flawlessly to the screen. Our teams are comprised of experienced writers who will prepare a professional script to make your animation stand out.
Professional Storyboarding
Storyboards are an essential part of creating powerful animations. Our storyboarding services start with the script and then develop the perfect storyboard that details everything from angles to transitions.
Spectacular Voiceover and Editing Services
Video Caddy had built a team of highly talented voice actors that will spice up your animations. We even include a multilingual team that can make your videos accessible across markets worldwide.
Create Brilliant Audio on Cutout Animations
Video Caddy uses all of the latest, more powerful animation tools to develop cutoff animations that contain the best audio effects possible. Sounds are crisp and will deliver your message perfectly to your audience.
Amazing VFX Services
Our cutout animation services combine stop motion animation with specifically planned digital extensions to create truly breathtaking sequences. This process creates cohesion of all varying elements.
Professional Character Creation Services
Video Caddy’s team will create amazing character models that can be used to tell the story of your brand. When combined with our cutoff animation methods, you’ll have a unique animation that is sure to turn heads.

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Benefits of Using Video Caddy’s Cutoff Animation Services

As part of our stop motion animation service, cutout animation is a unique tool that comes with several advantages over other styles. One of the main benefits is that it substantially lowers the drawings required for a full animation. Here are some of the other benefits of using our services.
Less effort for the required animation
As mentioned, fewer drawings are required so it’s a more efficient method.
Effective medium for audience impact:
Motivate consumers to take action by evoking an emotional response.
Personalized storytelling:
Provides a more personalized experience for your target market.
Best medium for explainer videos:
Create imaginative explainer videos for your products and services.
Saves you money:
Outsourcing cutout animation will save you time and money.
Product illustration and training easier:
Easily demonstrate product use quickly and efficiently.
Partner with the Cutout Animation Specialists to Create Effective Campaigns
Video Caddy’s team of professionals has been experienced in creating and delivering top quality animation and videos for a variety of industries. Our intuitive ideas and cutting-edge infrastructure in combination with years of experience provide you with the best cutout animation services in the world!
Along with architectural animation , rotoscoping animation , product animation, and more, whether you are starting completely from scratch or yet to create the storyboard, Video Caddy will help you bring your animations to life. Contact us today!