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With over a decade's experience, Video Caddy offers tailored 2D and 3D animated film production services. We collaborate with global film studios, aligning our talents with your vision and delivering high-quality results within your budget. Your vision is brought to life with our animation expertise.
Animated Feature Film

Leverage Video Caddy’s Comprehensive Suite of
Animated Films Production Services

Video Caddy can assist you at every stage of your animated feature film production, from storyboarding to final animation. Our skilled team and advanced studios are ready to collaborate with you, ensuring your vision is perfectly executed to deliver a high-quality, professional-grade animated film. Our services include:
  • Animated Storyboards

    We can produce animated storyboards to visualize the script, prepare it for the final animation phases, and ensure the layout and style are right.

  • 2D and 3D Animation

    Our experienced animation team uses sophisticated technologies to produce both 2D and 3D animated movies.

  • Character Creation

    We can create characters from scratch or use existing sketches or models to develop outlines of what your characters will someday look like.

  • Character Animation

    Our animators will then take those characters and bring them to life using the newest technology available.

The Multitude of Benefits of Outsourcing
Animated Films to Video Caddy

When choosing a firm for your animation needs, Video Caddy is a perfect fit. Here are just a few reasons why:

Adherence to ISO Standards

Following international quality standards, we maintain strict turnaround time and high quality.


Competitive Rates to Match Your Budget

Our highly skilled team offers highly competitive rates to help you stay ahead in the industry.


Security of Your Data

We protect your data with cutting-edge technology and physical access control for all our projects.


24/6 Support and Fast Turnaround Time

Our team is available 24 hours daily and ensures quick turnaround time through strict workflow design.



Our sophisticated technology base and flexible engagement models help you scale your animated film production up or down when required.


Animation Talent

Our talented animators are among the best in the industry, ensuring quality for your project while keeping your costs low.


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