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Flash technology has revolutionized how content is produced and delivered on the Internet and on mobile devices. Inexpensive, freely available and workable with a range of equipment types, flash development is a boon to both 2D and 3D animation techniques and a powerful way to present your content. But, it is not always feasible to have Flash animation services performed in house, which is why Video Caddy is a good fit for your needs.

We offer comprehensive Flash animation services to match the specific needs of each of our clients. This allows us work closely with each of our clients to determine exactly how you want your finished product to look and, using a number of skills in frame-by-frame animation, motion tween animation and shape tween animation, we can create the final product.

Flash Animation Services We Offer

Our Flash animators have years of experience working with the newest versions of Flash to create high quality animations in both 2D and 3D to match your project. We do it using cutting edge techniques including:

Frame-by-Frame Animation

For animations in which the image changes in every frame, it is important that the animation is perfectly presented, which is why we offer this service for all projects.

Motion Tween Animation

By specifying specific values for an object in each frame of an animation we can create active animations where only certain objects move, streamlining the process for your project.

Shape Tween Animation

Our animators can use Shape Tween techniques to actively change and transform shapes on screen, opening an entirely new array of options for your project.

Our animators can use Shape Tween techniques to actively change and transform shapes on screen, opening an entirely new array of options for your project.

Why Outsource Flash Animation Services to
Video Caddy?

It's important that you hire the best for your project, so we strive to provide the best in our services. When you hire Video Caddy, you know that's what you'll get as we offer:

  • Adherence to ISO Standards

    Our team follows international standards for quality, turnaround time and training to ensure the best final product for you.

  • Security for Your Data

    Our security systems are designed to protect your data from all loss or unauthorized access.

  • Our Infrastructure

    To provide steady results regardless of project size or workload, we maintain an additional workforce and use only the newest hardware in Mac and PC desktops and software.

  • Highly Trained Staff

    Our staff has been carefully selected and is regularly trained to ensure each member is a perfect match for any project they are assigned to work on.

  • Competitive Rates to Match Your Budget

    We strive to offer savings as much as 60% over what you'd pay in-house or to a comparable domestic firm.

  • In-House Animation Talent

    We hire exceptionally talented Flash animators with existing experience in this field while ensuring low rates for you.

If you are ready to talk with one of our account specialists about how best to outsource your Flash animation needs, contact Video Caddy today.

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