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Rotoscoping Animation Services

Video Caddy provides comprehensive rotoscoping services for ad agencies, filmmakers, and video editing companies to accomplish advanced animation projects, including the use of effects painting, cloning and touch-up, motion tracking, and stereo workflow.
Rotoscoping Animation Services

Rotoscoping Services Offered by Video Caddy

As a rotoscoping company, Video Caddy is ready to handle all your rotoscoping animation needs, including
  • Motion Blur Matte

    Our rotoscope animation experts digitize the movements of objects and add realistic motion blur effects producing seamless sequences for your videos.

  • Nuke or Silhouette Splines

    VCD's rotoscoping animation team helps you get control of the finer elements of your roto work and is highly experienced in the use of tools such as Nuke, Silhouette, etc.

  • Specialized Visual Effects

    Our rotoscoping designers and VFX artists work closely with your team to add the desired special effects to your footage.

  • 3D Conversion (Stereoscopic)

    Our 3D stereo conversion services leverage in-house technologies to create depth maps and convincing dimension-wise effects.

  • Matte Painting

    Our skilled rotoscoping animation artists create a photorealistic painted representation of landscapes and hard-to-film locations digitally, combining 3D and 2D tools and techniques.

  • Customized Rotoscoping Variations

    VCD offers a wide range of rotoscoping services that help produce flexible, customized rotoscoping variations to suit your unique needs.

VCD’s Rotoscoping Services
Benefits For You

The flexibility of our rotoscoping service in producing both subtle and dramatic effects can create the
most convincing effects to support your visual story. Here are some of the
ways how Video Caddy’s rotoscoping services can help you:

More Effective than Green Screening

While green- and blue-screen techniques can be used to good effect in creating mattes for compositing, our rotoscoping services allow more advanced and sophisticated effects.


Creation of Subtle Effects

Our rotoscoping animation services are ideally suited for producing subtle effects, like a frosty breath on a cold night, which create a more realistic scene.


Adding Realism and Depth

We use rotoscoping animation techniques to effectively create large-scale backgrounds, like cityscapes or star fields, which will shift realistically as the foreground action moves.


Rotoscope Animation

We have improvised the essence of rotoscope animation to create a variety of unique and distinctive animation effects for movies, short films, music videos, etc.


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As a leading rotoscoping outsourcing company, we have perfected our processes to deliver every project on time, with high-quality results, and at a price that’s flexible and probably a lot lower than you expect. Whether your rotoscoping animation job is big or small, trust it to Video Caddy - You’ll love the results.

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