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Rotoscoping Services

Rotoscoping services are one of the top services provided by Video Caddy’s highly experienced team of animation experts.

Rotoscoping Services

Rotoscoping services are one of the top services provided by Video Caddy’s highly experienced team of animation experts.
Using Video Caddy’s impressive services ensures that you’re getting the most from your videos.
Rotoscoping is the foundation used to build highly engaging videos that impress an audience. Our clients aim to provide top-quality visual experiences so we strive to use rotoscoping services to guarantee that their videos do just that.

By building a process that guarantees high-quality animations, a quick turnaround, and cost-effective rates, Video Caddy has become the premiere rotoscoping outsourcing partner of filmmakers, movie and television production houses, and advertising agencies.
Our Services

Rotoscoping Services Offered by Video Caddy

Comprehensive rotoscoping services delivered by expert animators
Motion Blur Matte
Add realistic motion blur effect to a scene
Nuke or Silhouette Splines
Get better control on roto work for the finer elements of a scene
Specialized Visual Effects
Add special visual effects to a scene that look realistic
3D Conversion (Stereoscopic)
Transform a 2D or a "flat" film to a 3D film
Matte Painting
Create a painted representation of an envrionement using a digitally painted landscape
Customized Rotoscoping Variations
Get flexible, customized rotoscoping variations done to suit your unique needs

Rotoscoping Areas
Video Caddy Specializes In

  • Expertise in handling even the most demanding films.
  • Improve scenes in television shows by editing specific scenes to meet demand.
  • Boost conversion for commercials by ensuring that every scene is impactful.
  • Improve music videos using our top-of-the-line rotoscoping services.
  • Get more out of YouTube viewership by improving web videos.
  • Give corporate videos the final polish they need to have the desired effect.

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We've been working together for close to 3 months now and all seems to be going very well. I can only see this relationship growing over the coming months and as such I think it makes sense for us to look to put a more formal agreement in place.
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Benefits of Rotoscoping Services

Choosing Video Caddy’s rotoscoping services comes with a range of amazing benefits:
Filmmakers are able to render scenes that would be either impossible or too expensive to shoot through traditional means.
Rotoscoping services use immersive visual techniques to provide a rich, exhilarating experience for viewers.
Add realism to action sequences using the latest rotoscoping techniques.
Our teams have developed highly efficient rotoscoping services that are able to handle most projects with a fast turnaround time and low costs.

Rotoscoping Animation Process Flow

Video Caddy is one of the top rotoscoping companies in the world because of our customer-oriented, transparent process.
We start by meeting with the client to discuss the project. In this step, we review the
Our team of experts creates a basic sketch of the sequence and characters that serve
Create 2D animations that are based on live-action videos and work
Our rotoscoping experts then manually create a new alpha channel by tak
We send a sample of the newly created video to the client for review.
Based on the feedback received, we make all final edits so that the video meets our client’s
Video Caddy is the One-Stop Outsourcing Partner for Rotoscoping Services
Video Caddy is one of the top rotoscoping companies recognized by clients worldwide. Choosing our rotoscoping services guarantees high quality and efficient timelines for all of your video editing needs. Contact us for a free quote.
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Video Caddy Helped Belgium Wedding Planner Client with Professionally

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