Stop Motion Animation Services

Backed by over a decade's experience, Video Caddy (VCD) offers professional stop-motion animation services tackling the common issues of high costs, time consumption, and technical challenges. With our efficient workflow and expert team, we ensure high-quality stop-motion animations are delivered on time and within budget, making the process seamless for all clients.
Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion Services
Offered by Video Caddy

At VCD, we understand character development, set and puppet creation, animation, editing, framing, lighting, audio recording,
and all other aspects of the production process. Aimed at rekindling the joy evoked by popular animations, we offer the
following stop-motion animation services that include the following:
  • Concept Design

    Our skilled animators collaborate with clients to develop original character concepts for various project types, including commercials, explainer videos, etc.

  • Storyboarding & Scripting

    We deliver detailed storyboarding and scripting, breaking down the story into logical sequences for easy visualization of the scenes, and screenplay.

  • Character Creation

    We design imaginative 2D and 3D character models with functional mobility, using a blend of concept designs, technology, creative materials, and stop motion animation.

  • Voiceover & Editing

    Our global talent pool of experienced voice actors bring emotion to your animation, with services including remote recording, and audio editing for personalized voice effects.

  • Animation & Audio Editing

    Using top-tier, licensed stop motion animation and audio editing software, we deliver professional full-production animation and a broad range of auditory effects.

  • VFX & Compositing Services

    We seamlessly integrate stop motion, live-action, green/blue screen effects, and digital extensions to create cohesive stop motion animation sequences.

Benefits of Video Caddy’s
Stop-motion Animation Services

From comprehensive animation options to the use of real-life textures for authenticity, our services are designed to cater to your every need. Discover how we can transform your vision into a compelling visual reality with our industry-leading stop motion animation services.

Unlimited Animation Options

VCD handles all types of stop-motion animation, including clay, stereoscopic, cutout, and go motion, ensuring effective translation across diverse media.


Authentic Real-life Textures

We utilize traditional yet innovative stop-motion techniques, emphasizing the real-life textures and authenticity of materials for a realistic and classic feel in the final products.


2D and 3D Solutions

We deliver beautifully crafted 2D or 3D animation for various mediums including television, commercials, film, music videos, video games, and explainer videos.


Advanced Digital Support

We offer sophisticated frame by frame editing, vector drawings, custom composition, color palettes, and mixed audio effects for a superior experience.


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