Stop Motion Animation Services

Stop Motion Animation Services

Stop-motion animation is captivating and limitless in its uses from films to integrated media applications and requires immense skill and patience to execute it seamlessly. With a rich motion graphics skillset, the team at Video Caddy understands the animation need that can be accomplished with stop motion and has been a leading stop motion animation service provider for years.

Being associated with film studios, independent filmmakers and crews working on commercials, Video Caddy has been developing stop-motion animation, clay animation, and pixilation for commercial usage. Along with a sophisticated stop-motion studio, Video Caddy boasts a highly experienced team of animators supported by advanced software and infrastructure. With access to a host of production partners for comprehensive script-to-screen services, our team's skills include designing of covers, storyboards, SFX, and animatic, etc.

Services Offered by Video Caddy

At Video Caddy, we understand character development, set and puppet creation, animation, editing, framing, lighting, audio recording, and all other aspects of the production process. We are passionate about rekindling the joy evoked by childhood favorites and offer the following stop motion animation services.


Our core strengths are the originality of the concepts we create, the characters we develop, and the stories we produce. Our team builds solid concepts using paintings and drawings to fine-tune the unique characteristics of each production.

Original Builds

We create full-scale props, sets for the stage, detailed costumes and manage installations. Our team has modeled miniature futuristic prisons, crafted cardboard worlds, and many other tasks from small jobs to huge projects.

Character Fabrication

We turn our detailed designs into animated characters, using our experience, visualization expertise, cutting-edge technology, and skills.


We carry out the process of incorporating ideas and scripts, and adding the missing content from staging and character dynamics to adding jokes and nuances continually throughout the process.

Voice Record

Video Caddy boasts a top-class recording studio boasting some of the best equipment available. Our team can record multiple artists simultaneously, source artists globally and can work remotely with voice talent.


Our editorial process includes storyboarding with voice recordings and animatic to ensure correct pacing with no filler-frames, and also the humor is well received.


Once the world has been built and is ready for shooting, we develop the animation process to the characters with meticulous design and voice samples. We work with stop-motion, 2D, CG, and other leading formats.

VFX and Compositing

Our digital artists work on every aspect of the production from concept drawings to enhance every frame. We combine live-action with stop-motion, add digital extensions to sets, and craft special effects.

Benefits of Video Caddy's Stop-motion
Animation Services

Our team will work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your project is brought to life just right. Our services are designed to ensure:

  • Extensive Multiple-Industry Experience

    Our team has worked with agencies across the globe to deliver stop-motion videos, adverts, short films, television series, and videos for marketers, educators, gamers, and entertainment professionals.

  • High Quality at Less Price

    Stop-motion is traditionally an expensive animation method, due to the time spent crafting models, but Video Caddy uses 3D printing to increase productivity and lower the costs.

  • Broad Professional Influence

    Our widespread network of industry professionals has the experience to successfully deliver any requirement including native-speaking voice talent, special effects artists, and creative designers.

  • Transparent Management

    Video Caddy runs a highly organized team, following a proven quality management and delivery process. Making use of automated tools and with experienced project managers, we ensure every delivery within budget and deadline.

Stop-motion Animation Needs? – Contact Video Caddy!

Video Caddy has been providing professional video editing and animation services for over a decade. With years of experience and a skilled stop-motion animation team, we are committed to delivering top-quality animation services. To know more about our engagement model, customized pricing structure, and delivery timelines, Contact Video Caddy today and one of our business development managers will get in touch to take through our entire process.

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