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Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation is captivating and limitless in its uses from films to integrated media applications and requires immense skill and patience to execute it seamlessly.

Stop Motion Animation Services

With a rich motion graphics skillset, the team at Video Caddy understands the animation need that can be accomplished with stop motion and has been a leading stop motion animation service provider for years.
Being associated with film studios, independent filmmakers, and crews working on commercials, Video Caddy has been developing stop-motion animation, clay animation, and pixilation for commercial usage. Along with a sophisticated stop-motion studio, Video Caddy boasts a highly experienced team of animators supported by advanced software and infrastructure. With access to a host of production partners for comprehensive script-to-screen services, our team’s skills include designing of covers, storyboards, SFX, and animatic, etc.
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Stop-motion Services Offered by Video Caddy

At Video Caddy, we understand character development, set and puppet creation, animation, editing, framing, lighting, audio recording, and all other aspects of the production process. We are passionate about rekindling the joy evoked by childhood favorites and offer the following stop motion animation services.
Original Concept Design
VCD offers accomplished writing and creative teams that work with clients to create original concepts for stories and characters. We base concepts on project type, including film, commercials, explainer videos, sales and marketing videos, and more.
Character Creation
VCD creates character models that are comprised of a mixture of concept designs, technology, creative materials, and stop motion animation. Imaginative design for 2D and 3D animation, with functional, believable mobility, costuming and blending.
Detailed Storyboarding & Scripting
VCD provides storyboarding and scripting that breaks the story into logical, easy to visualize sequences via a thoughtful storyboard, then prepares a script with character dialogues, scenes, and screenplay.
Customized Set and Staging
VCD compliments the animation process with custom props, costumes, backgrounds, sets, staging, and installation. Our technicians are skilled in managing full scale set design for both small and large projects, from lighting to set dressing.
Specialized Voiceover & Editing
VCD provides a global talent pool of seasoned voice actors to lend emotion to stop motion animation. Includes multilingual actors, remote recording, and a full suite of audio editing to synthesize, auto-tune, reverb, or personalize voice effects.
Animation and Audio Editing
VCD utilizes state of the art, licensed stop motion animation and audio editing software and equipment to deliver professional, full production animation, and a wide scope of auditory effects. Includes sound and voice samples, CGI, and other formats.
VFX and Compositing Services
VCD combines stop motion, live-action, green and blue screen, special effects, and digital extensions to composite stop motion animation sequences together. This produces an illusion of cohesion for all varied elements utilized during production.

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Benefits of Video Caddy’s Stop-motion Animation Services

Choosing Video Caddy’s rotoscoping services comes with a range of amazing benefits:
Unlimited Stop Motion Animation Options
VCD applies our industry expertise to all variations of stop-motion animation, including clay, stereoscopic, cutout, and go motion, that translates effectively across diverse media.
Real Life Textures and Authenticity
VCD doesn’t cut corners by depending solely on CGI and instead utilizes traditional, yet innovative stop-motion techniques that bring out the real-life textures and authenticity of the materials for a realistic and classic feel across final products.
Diverse Materials
Companies can ensure that they’re utilizing a wide, creative array of materials for their stop motion animation projects, including fabrics, paper, photographs, clay figures, miniatures, and hand-crafted backgrounds.
2D and 3D Solutions
Receive beautifully rendered 2D or 3D animation specifically crafted for television, commercials, film, music videos, video games, and explainer video animations using professional cinematic processes and equipment.
Professional Video Production Studio
VCD’s facility features a complete professional video production studio equipped with 4k cinema cameras, motorized slider kits, and licensed video and music editing and stop motion software for a full-service stop motion animation solution.
Digital Capture Solutions
Utilize sophisticated digital capture solutions that encompass frame per frame editing, vector drawings, automated lighting, custom composition, and color palettes, and mixed audio effects.
Stop-motion Animation Needs? – Contact Video Caddy!
Video Caddy has been providing professional video editing and animation services for over a decade. With years of experience and a skilled stop-motion animation team, we are committed to delivering top-quality animation services . To know more about our engagement model, customized pricing structure, and delivery timelines, Contact Video Caddy today, and one of our business development managers will get in touch to take you through our entire process.
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