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High costs, technical issues, and finding skilled talent are common obstacles for video production agencies. With our extensive experience in animation services, Video Caddy (VCD) offers cost-effective, high-quality title animation services. Our services ensure timely delivery, provide flexible revision policies, and stay updated with industry trends.
Titling Animation

The Unique Titling Animation Services We Offer

Our animators have worked extensively with a range of different technologies and are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure they can match every video format and style. Our extensive industry experience and highly creative perspectives help create title animations that perfectly fit your video. Our diverse title animation services include the following:
  • Credit Titling

    Our team is adept at integrating opening credits that align perfectly with the style and tone of your film's opening sequence.

  • Title Sequences

    We specialize in crafting animated title sequences that harmonize seamlessly with the style and format of your film.

  • Titling in Commercials

    Whether you need titling for dramatic effect or to embed marketing messages, we tailor our services to fit your commercial ad’s layout.

  • Animation of Existing Titling

    Our specialized team of animators animate, enhance, or edit existing titling designed by your in-house team.

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VCD’s Title Animation Services

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering optimal quality, and our advanced infrastructure is geared to handle even the most demanding projects. Discover the difference that Video Caddy's Title Animation Services can make to your visual content.

Adherence to ISO Standards

We offer a fast turnaround, quick problem resolution, and high-quality final products backed by our commitment to ISO standards.


Competitive Rates

Our services are competitively priced, providing an affordable alternative to other competitors and in-house solutions.


Data Security

Our robust internal security measures safeguard Your data against unauthorized access, loss, or theft.


Experienced Staff

Our team, composed of professionals with 2-5 years of experience, delivers optimal quality on all projects.


Advanced Infrastructure

With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we ensure timely and high-quality project delivery, even under increased workloads.


Animation Talent

Our animation team is among the best skilled in the industry, ensuring we can maintain high- quality at cost-effective prices.


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