whiteboard animation Service

Whiteboard Animation Service

As a whiteboard animation company, with over ten years of experience working with international corporations and businesses of all sizes to create bespoke and effective marketing tools, Video Caddy has the skills, talent, technology, and vision to create the modern marketing you need to set yourself apart.

These days that means video – video is where all the eyeballs are; YouTube gets more than a billion hits every month. And the hottest thing out there right now is the whiteboard animation – you've seen them, the videos with an artist's hand drawing simple black-and-white images while a narrator makes their pitch. Whiteboard animations are

  • Fun and engaging
  • Informative without being overwhelming
  • Eye-catching and dynamic

Whiteboard Animation Services Offered

Video Caddy is a full-service animation firm, and we can help you with every kind of whiteboard animation you might need, including:

Pencil Sketch Animation

Designed to resemble an old-school pencil sketch, this kind of animation is warm and low-key, inviting the viewer to consider the ideas above the technical quality and is quite entertaining to watch. Our artists have the traditional drawing skills necessary to make these videos look warm and inviting, while our technicians make them sizzle with a modern edge.

Paper cut animation

Designed to look like everything has been cut out of colorful construction paper and often incorporating a faux-3D effect as the paper is folded into shapes, this video animation is challenging for non-experts, but we handle it easily with a combination of a thoroughly experienced staff and cutting-edge hardware.

Cut Out Animation

Stop-motion effects are achieved by creating real-world backgrounds and paper figures, and then animating them by hand using the stop-motion technique. This requires true artistry – that we have in spades – and true technical virtuosity – which we also supply.

Scribed Animation

Inspired by the process of drawing on a whiteboard, we present a creative story on a whiteboard and keep the audience captivated by adding visuals, illustrations, logos, or texts to your story. It is less time-consuming and cost-effective, allowing us to deliver your project on or before schedule.

Why Work with Video Caddy?

  • Competitive Rates

    Simply put, we can work within your budget. We are committed to provide quality solutions to our clients for every dime we can – we aim at delivering the best whiteboard animation based on your needs.

  • Experience

    We've been in this business for over a decade with a long list of satisfied customers. Being involved in varieties of animation projects, we can create a whiteboard animation that captures your spirit and message.

  • Resources

    We're pioneers of animation industry, so you know right off the bat that we bring every resource, tool, and skilled artists and technician necessary to successfully complete your project.

  • Customer Service

    At Video Caddy, our team of video and animation professionals offers the best 24/6 customer service in the industry. You have a concern, an idea, or a problem? Get in touch. We're always here to discuss your project.

  • Talent

    Whiteboard animation is a creative process. You give us the ideas, the message, and we supply the talented artists and animators who transform it into a living, breathing video that will take off and attract attention.

Video is the modern marketing tool, and whiteboard animation is the cutting edge that you need to be on. Call us today to discuss what Video Caddy could do for your business.

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