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Whiteboard Animation Service

Whiteboard Animation Service

With over a decade of experience offering whiteboard animation services to
companies of all shapes and sizes,
Video Caddy (VCD) has the skill and studio infrastructure to create dynamic, eye-catching and informative videos for your business. One of the best ways to quickly and effectively communicate complex ideas, whiteboard animations, or doodle animations from VCD has many possible applications, from text summarization or product demonstrations on television to providing instructions in corporate videos.
A fun and engaging medium that is gaining momentum in the digital realm Video Caddy’s whiteboard animation services is ideal for YouTube videos, television ads, and website promotions.
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Custom Whiteboard Animation Services from Video Caddy

Staffing talented and highly creative storyboard artists , Video Caddy offers a range of whiteboard animation services to suit every project’s needs, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team
Pencil Sketch Animation
Resembling old-school pencil sketches, this style of animation is entertaining to watch, while remaining low-key and inviting. Video Caddy’s whiteboard animation professionals have excellent traditional drawing skills, ensuring that the videos are charming and well-drawn.
Cut Out Animation
Similar to paper cut animation, VCD creates cut out animation making use of paper figures on top of real-world backgrounds for a stop-motion effect. Requiring true artistry, which Video Caddy’s talented professionals have in spades,
Paper cut animation
As it sounds, we design paper cut animation to make it appear as though everything was cut from colorful construction paper, often incorporating faux 3D, which can be challenging for a novice whiteboard animation company.
Scribed Animation
What people think when they think of whiteboard animation, with scribed animations, we try to imitate the drawing on a whiteboard, presenting a creative story and keeping audiences engaged by adding hand-drawn illustrations, logos, and other visuals.
Training Animations
Whereas training videos used to consist of a narrator talking directly to a camera lens, our whiteboard animation services allow the creation of engaging training material which accurately imparts organizational values, goals, and rules to new resources simply and memorably.
Explainer Overview Animations
Video Caddy offers explainer overview animation services to educate consumers about a particular product or service, or your organization as a whole. Giving an organizational overview or highlighting the ins and outs of a particular product, explainer overview animations portray

Netherlands-based Marketing and Branding Solutions Company Outsourced Their 2D Animation Project to Video Caddy for a Top-notch Finish.

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A Growing Relationship

We've been working together for close to 3 months now and all seems to be going very well. I can only see this relationship growing over the coming months and as such I think it makes sense for us to look to put a more formal agreement in place.
Vice President
Audio Production Company, USA
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Why Partner with Video Caddy for Whiteboard Animation Services

Outsourcing whiteboard animation services India, and to our whiteboard animation company, means gaining access to advanced infrastructure, a skilled talent pool and highly creative storyboard artists to ensure your projects are completed to a high standard, without the hassle of hiring and training in-house staff. Some other benefits of outsourcing whiteboard animation to Video Caddy include:
Access to the latest animation software
Whiteboard animation outsourcing companies such as Video Caddy make use of the latest technology and animation software to ensure the highest quality output, without passing that cost on to you
Attract mobile users
Whiteboard animations attract mobile users, reducing your website’s bounce rate and improving organic rankings
Higher conversion rates
According to studies, having whiteboard animations and explainer videos on your homepage can increase conversions by more than 20%
Your content is found easier
Companies who make use of whiteboard animations say their content receives 41% more traffic. This is because people watching videos spend longer interacting with a site, which is a strong indicator that your content is relevant and valuable, increasing your search rankings
Top Quality Whiteboard Animation Services for Your Business
Providing world-class whiteboard animation services for more than a decade, partnering with Video Caddy gives you access to advanced technology, highly creative staff, and an experienced project management team to ensure your projects are completed within your deadline and budget.
Our skilled storyboard artists and animators can bring even the most complex ideas across in a simple and engaging fashion, so if you are looking for quality and affordable whiteboard animation services, contact us today!
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