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Ad Jingle Creation Services

Video Caddy (VCD) offers Ad Jingle Creation Services that help your audiences with a memorable melody and a positive, emotional impression of your brand. VCD has a history of working closely with media production studios, sales and marketing departments, commercial and advertising studios, and television station idents to produce ad jingles that convey important brand messages through musical composition. Our sound editors and technicians use advertising slogans, hooks, taglines, lyrics, and wordless background sounds to generate modern tunes that pull the best from both traditional and digital ad jingle trends.

VCD creates catchy, persuasive ad jingles on your deadline and budget so that you can release content in conjunction with your advertising campaigns, increasing brand awareness and exposure.

Video Caddy’s Customized Ad Jingle Service Range

VCD’s musical production regime includes a thorough assessment of a brand’s marketing goals and audience demographics to help inform the creative process for our ad jingle service range:

  • Ad Jingle Lyrics VCD designs rhyming lyrics that distinguishes your brand from competitors with writing techniques that are purposed for broadcast media. We incorporate existing brand messages or personalize new, original lyrics.
  • Ad Jingle Musical Composition VCD selects an appropriate musical genre that a brand’s audience will identify with, and augments it with custom ambient sounds, acoustic or virtual instrumentation, sound samples and clips, voiceovers, and beats.
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  • Ad Jingle Slogans VCD consults with your company to create advertising slogans, mottos, catchphrases, and taglines to promote your brand’s products, services, and identity and allow your brand to become synonymous with your jingle.
  • Ad Jingle Mixing, Editing, and Conversion VCD can take existing ad jingles, vocals, or musical compositions and mix them into a professional unified project, ensuring that each track in your mix is balanced, free of errors and unwanted sounds.
  • Ad Jingle Mastering VCD takes the finalized ad jingle mix and uses top-grade mastering techniques and software like Ad Limiter, equalizers, and compressors to prepare and finalize your mix for publication for elevated sonic aesthetic.
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Benefits of Using VCD’s Ad Jingle Creation Services

Brands can spark speedy commercial memorization with smart, catchy ad jingle content from the talented creative teams at VCD, and ensure their advertising strategies are making an impact on their target audience:

  • Professional Recording Studio VCD’s facilities feature a professional sound recording studio with state-of-the-art hardware and software, including microphones, assorted acoustic and virtual instruments, DAW’s like Logic Pro and Pro Tools, soundproofing, and acoustic treatments.
  • Melodic Architectures Companies will receive an ad jingle with strategic melodic architectures that are composed of six notes of a major scale, and a custom, formulaic rhyming structure for the ideal mixture of creativity and technical proficiency.
  • Customized Per Platform VCD can create ad jingles that have a consistent, repetitive sound and adjust the length to suit multiple platforms and campaign agendas without losing the core sound taglines.
  • Brand Association Companies can ensure that their audiences will immediately associate their unique jingle with the business’s advertising, helping to strengthen customer relationships and encouraging lead generation.
  • Strengthen Memory Triggers VCD relies on short, easy to retain melodies and simple slogans and taglines to encourage memory triggers while avoiding disruptive, annoying, or unappealing sounds.
  • Iconic Jingles Utilize an iconic ad jingle and slogan with integrated melody and lyrics that achieve brand recognition and connect with audiences to provoke empathy and awareness and allow your company to dominate your ad space.

Memorable Ad Jingles from the Creative Talent at Video Caddy

Businesses all over the world turn to VCD when they need a powerful marketing tool for their advertising and public image campaigns. Our Ad Jingle Creation Services are driven by our accomplished musical composers and sound engineers and combines it with the lyrical wit of our experienced creative writing team to produce a one-of-a-kind jingle that you won’t be able to stop humming.

Contact VCD today and learn why our outsourcing Ad Jingle Creation Services is the first choice for companies who demand quality, creativity, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

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