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Corporate Audio Editing Services

As part of a major corporation, you produce, consume and process huge volumes of data every single day. In meetings, at training sessions and during conferences, there are thousands of hours of recordings that could be used for any number of other purposes in the company.

That audio is valuable - it represents the very real processes and knowledge your business has created and should be used accordingly.

So, when the time comes to hire someone for corporate audio editing services and to process the information in those audio files, call Video Caddy. We offer comprehensive audio conversion and corporate audio editing for all of your meetings, training sessions and conferences and can work within your budget every step of the way.

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Corporate Audio Editing Services at Video Caddy

Wherever and however you record audio within your company, Video Caddy can provide the corporate audio editing services needed to process and produce that content for future use. Our services are designed to match all of your needs including:

Recordings of Meetings

Whether notes from a meeting that need transcription or a formal meeting that needs to be cleaned up and presented to stockholders, we can handle it.

Recordings of Training

We can process, produce and finalize your training recordings for future hires.

Recordings of Conferences

We can compile and cut down audio recordings from conferences to present only the most useful information.

Audio Conversion

We provide audio conversion services for nearly 20 different formats of audio to match your needs.

Case Studies

Learn how the Video Caddy wedding video editing team qualitatively and quantitatively reduced the workload of a top-rated US Wedding Video Company.

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client testimonials

A Growing Relationship

We've been working together for close to 3 months now and all seems to be going very well. I can only see this relationship growing over the coming months and as such I think it makes sense for us to look to put a more formal agreement in place.

Vice President,

Audio Production Company, USA

Benefits of Outsourcing Corporate
Audio Editing to Video Caddy

For years, Video Caddy has provided exceptional quality music editing , audio editing and audio conversion services to a range of industries.
ISO Quality Standards
We adhere to ISO quality standards to ensure optimal final product quality, guaranteed quick turnaround time and constant checks to ensure the process is running smoothly.
Data Security
All of your corporate data will be protected by our security and IT infrastructure, designed to keep data in the right hands at all times.
Cost Advantage
We ensure your budget remains low with low pricing and volume discounts.
With 100Mbps of dedicated bandwidth, Mac & PC software including Adobe Audition and Sound Track Pro and a workforce that can expand as workload changes, our infrastructure can match your needs.
Whatever your company’s corporate audio editing needs, know that Video Caddy has been providing exceptional service for more than half a decade and can ensure you have everything you need moving forward at a rate you can afford.
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