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Music Mixing Services

Video Caddy (VCD) has been providinghigh-quality music mixing services to a variety of businesses, and private clients all over the world.

Having worked with recording studios, professional sound artists, musicians, and audio and video production agencies around the globe, we're familiar with the challenges that comewhileexecuting a professional mix or edit of a track.

We deliver our results quickly,making use of the most experienced team members, the highest quality equipment, and our unique, proven internal processes. We approach each new challenge with the utmost professionalism and skill andgive our clients the results they desire every time. Our team performs looping, editing, rearrangements, multi-song mixes, dubbing, and syncing tasks, ensuring that your every need is taken care of.

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Customized Music Editing Services Video Caddy Offers

We have over a decade of experience in providing music mixing services for both private and
corporate clients. Our fully comprehensive service offering includes:

Developing Background Music

Video Caddy provides the best background music editing service available. This genre relies on low-key, often soothing compositions that add ambiance and atmosphere to any scenario.

Mixing Audio

We combine separate musical elements, instrumental/vocal tracks to deliver musical compositions that match your requirements. Our team has over a decade of experience in providing the best music mixing services.

Show Programming

At Video Caddy, our music audio editing team creates seamless show programmes that match the timing and structure laid out for the performance in question.

Professional Audio Enhancements

Our team of expert music editors enhance the quality of your music and audio files to deliver optimal results every time. We improve clarity, reduce noise, among other tasks.

Audio Mastering

Experienced in audio mastering, we balance elements such as compression, widening, peak limiting, element enhancements,
loudness boosting, cross-fading, album art encoding, noise elimination, and more to deliver beautifully mastered music.

Case Studies

Learn how the Video Caddy wedding video editing team qualitatively and quantitatively reduced the workload of a top-rated US Wedding Video Company.

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client testimonials

A Growing Relationship

We've been working together for close to 3 months now and all seems to be going very well. I can only see this relationship growing over the coming months and as such I think it makes sense for us to look to put a more formal agreement in place.

Vice President,

Audio Production Company, USA

Reap the Many Benefits of Working
with VCD's Music Editing Team

Video Caddy is an industry-leading provider of music editing services aiding r business and private
clients from all over the world. Outsourcing to VCD gives you access to the following benefits, including:
Professional Quality
At Video Caddy, we ensure that every output we deliver is of maximum quality . We ensure that your every music editing and mixing requirement is professionally completed.
Cost Savings
Outsourcing your music editing and mixing requirements to Video Caddy is a great deal more cost-effective than hiring, training, and maintaining a dedicated team of your own.
Multiple Formats
We handle all forms of music including jingles, background music, and foreground music across any genre. We create the ultimate versions of your audio files.
Natural Sound
Our editing process does not affect the natural modulation of tones, allowing for crystal-clear audio without any unwanted noise or disruptions.
The Depth of Experience
We offer more than half a decade of experience in this field, the most cutting edge available software such as Adobe Audition and Sound Track Pro and 24/6 customer service for all projects.
Audio Merging
Our creative professionals are extremely skilled and experienced with the latest software and technology, ensuring you receive the highest-quality service.

Elite Music Mixing Services by Video Caddy

Video Caddy delivers the best quality music editing services available on the market with over a decade of experience
and a crack team of global professionals. We are fully geared toward delivering optimal results time after time, regardless
of the complexity of the project or the number of files to be edited. Our team ensures that every aspect of your audio
editing requirements
is handled professionally and on time.
Reach out to our team using the contact form on our website to get your music editing requirements met as rapidly as possible.
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