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Podcast Editing Service

Video Caddy (VCD) offers world-class podcast editing services to business influencers, social media agencies, marketing agencies, or budding professional podcasters looking to build a rapport with the audience. Our legacy of video and audio editing excellence and customer satisfaction spans over more than a decade.

VCD understands that podcasts with low-quality audio or clumsy editing can be deeply unpleasant to get through and ensure that all the edits are seamlessly taken care off and enhance audio quality. The Video Caddy team edits, masters, and mixes your podcasts adhering to your specific instructions. We work efficiently, using the best technologies and processes available, saving you time and a great deal of money. Our approach ensures total consistency and accuracy and creates a fluidity to your podcast content.

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Our Range of Custom Podcast Editing Services

VCD relies on over a decade of industry experience and specialized digital audio editing tools to help companies produce professional quality podcasts with our thoughtful Podcast Editing Service range:

One-on-One Interview

VCD offers volume automation to help interviews sound balanced for a more comfortable listening experience when podcast speakers are vocalizing at different volumes.

Round Table and Panels

VCD uses the industry standard Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s) like Logic Pro, Ableton, and Pro-Tools, to cancel echoes, white noise, and unwanted sound while enhancing the tonal variations in multiple speakers.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Narratives

VCD can edit, remove, and arrange sound files to reduce unwanted elements and improve the overall quality of the podcast, leaving a streamlined and consistent audio file.

Hybrid and Multi-host Formats

VCD provides volume leveling, noise cancellation, and audio cleaning for noise intensive hybrid and multi-host formats that include excess, distracting background noise, for crisp, clean podcast audio.

Solo Commentary

VCD utilizes professional audio tools, such as reverb and compressors, to add a rich, professional sound to podcast audio and allow solo commentaries to present in the highest quality.

Seminars and Workshops

Video Caddy balances subtle frequencies using EQ to bring out the best sounds in repurposed podcast content, such as seminars, sermons, workshops, and academia.

Case Studies

Learn how the Video Caddy wedding video editing team qualitatively and quantitatively reduced the workload of a top-rated US Wedding Video Company.

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A Growing Relationship

We've been working together for close to 3 months now and all seems to be going very well. I can only see this relationship growing over the coming months and as such I think it makes sense for us to look to put a more formal agreement in place.

Vice President,

Audio Production Company, USA

The Benefits of Working
with Video Caddy’s Podcast Editing Experts

Video Caddy’s highly capable team has a detailed understanding of the podcast industry and offer a highly comprehensive array of services and competencies to enhance any podcast. Benefits of choosing to outsource podcast editing with Video Caddy include:
Clutter Removal
Our podcast audio editing team improves the quality of podcast audios removing repeated words, unwanted vocalizations, dead air, and other irrelevant or undesirable elements.
Key Content
We develop a huge number of tactics, tricks, and tools that make podcasts more relatable, engaging, and memorable. We assist with music, effects, and all other enhancements to your work.
Adding Functionality
Podcasts become even more user-friendly when useful elements are added, including intros, outros, ID3 tagging, sponsorship notes, and other useful details.
Perfect Production
Our team understands the creative process of developing a great radio show, including idea generation, script development, conceptual scenarios, and a wide range of supporting aspects.
Adding Notes & Captions
Our experienced professionals develop appealing teasers, accurate transcriptions, key show notes, SEO Optimization, and other written content.
Implementing Loudness Control
The global industry standard for the loudness of internet-based podcasts and audio is -16 LUFS. Our team ensures that your audio falls within this range to maximize listening comfort.

Elite Music Mixing Services by Video Caddy

Video Caddy sets the standard for podcast audio quality to help podcasts resonate with audiences and bring clarity to your message. As a leading podcast editing company, we transform audio files into professional formats that meet global industry standards set by the Audio Engineering Society and its international affiliates. We ensure acoustics, digital audio measurements, and audio metadata follows process models for synchronization and sampling frequency.

Outsource Podcast Editing with VCD today and work with podcast editing professionals who are devoted to excellence in audio technology.
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