Why Should You Work with a Professional Editor?
07 Mar2014

Why Should You Work with a Professional Editor?

Today’s technology is simply amazing. You can do virtually anything – communicate with someone on the other side of the world without even using a phone, or build a viral marketing campaign that never enters the physical world. Technology has given us numerous capabilities, including video and audio editing. The problem here is that many people assume that just because they CAN do a thing, that they SHOULD do that thing. There are actually several important reasons that you should leave the DIY editing alone and hire a pro to do it for you.

The Learning Curve

Perhaps the most important reason you should leave your editing to a professional editor is the learning curved involved with most editing software. While almost all software suites are billed as “intuitive” or “simple to use”, that’s really not true. All software takes at least some time to learn, and even if it’s only a couple of hours, that’s a couple of hours that you lose, that you cannot put to a more profitable use. When you realize that it takes a very large investment of time to actually master even the simplest to use editing software, you’ll see that paying a pro is not only smart, it’s the most economical option available.

Cut Costs

For most of us, the common train of thought is that doing something ourselves is cheaper. That makes sense because we don’t have to pay anyone to do it. However, that’s actually an illusion. You have your own time invested in the editing – how much could you have earned during that time? What new things could you have created? What contracts could you have inked? You get the point. However, you also have to consider the cost of the software. Basic editing software might be pretty cheap, but it’s also not professional grade and won’t give you professional results. Hiring a professional editor is actually much more affordable than doing it yourself, simply because you don’t lose your own time, or have to shell out big bucks for professional software that you might not use again.

Better Quality

Let’s face it – you’re not a professional editor. If you were, you’d not be reading this. You’d be editing. That means that you’re an amateur, or even a complete neophyte to the world of audio and video editing. You might know a couple of things, but even the best software in the world can’t teach you WHAT to edit. All it can do is give you the tools to do the job. You don’t know the job, so your results are going to be pretty unspectacular. With a professional editor, you get professional quality results. You get far better than DIY quality.

From the information above, your course should be clear. Professional audio and video editing will not only save you time, money and hassles, but it will also ensure that you get the professional quality output that you need, whether you’re creating a marketing piece, and educational video or something else.

– Video Caddy

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