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360° Video Editing Services

Experience the future of 360° video editing services with Video Caddy (VCD). We take your editing projects to a whole new level by offering top-notch services. As your reliable partner, we help you overcome the challenges of scaling up ROI, providing video editing at competitive rates.

Our 360° Video Editing Team Capabilities

Video Caddy’s 360° video editors have over a decade of experience handling videos of all types
and a proven track record in delivering high-quality video edits. Our team possesses
the expertise and tools to cover all the necessary steps involved in 360° video editing:
  • 360° video productions

    We work with you to develop your ideas into full-fledged, interactive 360 degree experiences, including interactive VR experiences that leverage the best standards for current VR platforms.

  • 360° rendering of digital landscapes

    We render photo-realistic 3D landscapes from the original digital source material, creating realistic, immersive worlds.

  • Video stitching

    Our team ensures seamless continuity between camera assets, providing color matching, editing, and compression to eliminate any matching errors between clip segments.

  • Full platform support

    Video Caddy can support all 360° platforms, mobile or desktop, including traditional headsets like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR.

Maximize Business Benefits with 360° Video Editing

Think of the potential ways to promote your business with 360° video. Here are some exciting examples
of how real-world companies partner with Video Caddy to create compelling experiences.

Showcase new products

VCD enables you to place your potential customer into the driver’s seat of a car or let them experience the interior of a recreational vehicle.


Promote your vacation destination.

Our 360° editing can show off the landscape and public areas at your resort or other vacation destination with the power of 360° video.


Sell the experience

If you’re an outfitter or running a guide service, use 360° video to give your potential customers an immersive virtual experience of your services.


Create impressive real estate tours

Video Caddy helps create immersive video tours so that your potential clients view and experience the properties listed for sale or lease.

We help you create
detailed 360° Videos


What Our Client Say

Showcase Life-Like Experiences with 360° Virtual Tours

With Video Caddy's advanced 360° video editing services, create and edit captivating, cost-efficient, and personalised 360° videos. Augment your marketing potential and offer realistic experiences to your customers worldwide. To explore and experience our global 360° video editing services, contact us today!

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Our Recent Case Study

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The client is a professional Videographer and Photographer located in Belgium and specializing in organizing special occasions,
Cinematic Wedding Video Editing for Popular Italian Visual Media Studio
Founded in 2011, the client’s business uses the latest mobile and speech pattern technologies to provide customers with more convenient methods of speech therapy.

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