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360° Video Editing Services

360 Video Editing - Video Caddy offers an innovative way to develop 360° videos and create compelling presentations for videographers.

360° Video Editing Services

Video Caddy eliminates the challenges of scaling up the resources for production companies, ad agencies, or studios to handle the project volumes and labor required to manage in-time project deliveries.

In addition to the expenses of acquiring new 360° video capable software platforms, there are additional expenses for training editors and the time involved. All these challenges including the hardware upgrades and the possibility of onboarding the right resources can have a detrimental effect on both your production capacity and your bottom line.

Video Caddy's team of 360° video editors have over a decade of experience in handling videos of all types and have a proven track record in the field of 360° video editing services. Our dedicated and skilled professionals are ready to step up and provide the expertise to create the 360° video experiences you need.

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Our 360° Video Editing Team Capabilities

Video Caddy has the people and tools to cover all the necessary steps involved in 360° video editing:
360° video productions
We'll work with you to develop your ideas into full-fledged, interactive 360° experiences, including interactive VR experiences that leverage the best standards for current VR platforms.
360° rendering of digital landscapes
Every private club has a unique video re-editorial agenda that we can help to facilitate without breaking the budget.
Video stitching
We'll ensure seamless continuity between camera assets, providing color matching, editing, and compression to eliminate any matching errors between clip segments.
Full platform support
Video Caddy can support all 360° platforms, mobile or desktop, including traditional headsets like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and others.

360° Video Partner - Business Benefits at Video Caddy

Think of the potential ways you can promote your business with 360° video. Here are some exciting examples of how real-world companies partner with Video Caddy to create compelling experiences.
Showcase new products
VCD enables you to place your potential customer into the driver's seat of a car, or let them experience the interior of a recreational vehicle.
Showcase your events
We can support you create great customers experience – It's like to be in the crowd at your concert venue, athletic event, or other event.
Sell the experience
If you're an outfitter or running a guide service, use 360° video to give your potential customers an immersive virtual experience of the services you offer.
Create immersive real estate video tours
Video Caddy helps to place your potential clients in the middle of the properties you're looking to sell or lease. Let them explore the layout and look of your properties just by moving their mouse.
Get the 360° job done with Video Caddy
As you can see, benefits of 360° virtual tour will only add value to your business's marketing campaigns by showcasing the life-like experiences and stories to your customers. With Video Caddy's expertise, capabilities, and specialized knowledge, we can collaborate with you to edit and create compelling 360° videos. Our experience in editing will help you craft exactly the story you're trying to tell, allowing your viewers to enjoy the immersive experience you're trying to present.
Best of all, our specialization and existing 360° video editing mechanisms means you'll avoid the upfront expenses of implementing your own 360° video editing infrastructures. Thanks to our team at Video Caddy, you'll be able to produce the content you want without disruptive changes to your existing production team's workflow, so all your current projects will stay on time and task.

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Video Caddy Developed an Extensive Storyboard with Standout Characters for Reputed French Translation Company
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