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Professional Audio Quality with Adobe Audition Audio Editing

If you want to provide your clients with the best possible audio content but don’t have the time to learn how to use Adobe Audition CC. Outsourcing your Adobe Audition audio editing projects to professionals at Video Caddy (VCD) will benefit you greatly.

Making the Most of Adobe Audition CC’s
Technical Features

Whether you’re recording and mixing sound projects, producing radio spots, or editing audio from video tracks,
this software will add quality and a professional edge to your projects with these great features:
  • Premiere Pro Integration

    Using Adobe Audition CC’s media browser option, it becomes easier to open existing Premiere Pro projects which allows the selection of audio sequences to work with by creating a simpler and more efficient editing process.

  • Reliable Transfers

    This feature easily and reliably transfers links to primary assets, sequence metadata, markers, sound effects, parameters, sub-mixes, and the Essential Sound panel settings from Premiere Pro to Adobe Audition CC. This ensures complete consistency throughout the progress of the client’s project.

  • Run Scripts

    This new feature enables browsing and running of scripts within Adobe Audition CC. Common tasks like third-party integrations can be streamlined to make audio work far more efficient, ensuring that the final project is delivered to the client on-time, every time.

  • Multi-channel Audio Workflows

    This feature allows the automatic separation of audio channels to unique clips as well as customization of the channels assigned to a clip, and adjustment of specific channel routing. This helps us to provide the client with highly detailed audio clips, attuned to their unique specifications.

  • Media Encoder

    Adobe Audition CC allows direct export of edited audio to Adobe Media Encoder CC. Format presets and customizable audio channels without rendering or wrangling of mixdown files results in a straightforward post-production workflow.

  • Synthesized Speech

    With Adobe Audition, realistic voice-over or narration tracks can be created by typing or pasting in text. This feature can also be used to synthesize voices for video, games, or audio productions, making it ideal for clients with niche requests.

  • Automatic Loudness Correction

    The Match Loudness panel replaces the older Match Volume panel matches loudness in audio clips and corrects it to meet various loudness standards and true peak limiting.

  • Auto-backup to Adobe Creative Cloud

    Selecting the “autosave” and “backup multi-track session files automatically” options in Adobe Audition CC’s preferences, periodic backups of session files can be saved to Adobe Creative Cloud, the session folder, or any other location.

  • Sound Remover

    This feature analyzes part of the recording and builds a sound model that finds and removes any unwanted sound altogether. We pass on perfect, crystal clear audio files to the client.

  • Automatic Speech Alignment

    This Adobe Audition CC feature matches the timing of each word, even when the original audio is noisy different when it comes to overall length, and then quickly aligns overdubbed dialogue with the original production audio.

Video Caddy’s Adobe Audition
Audio Editing Expertise

With regular upgrades to software and editing tools and advancements in the field of audio and video editing, it can be time-consuming and costly to keep up to date on the latest trends as an individual even at the professional level. VCD’s editors have access to various training materials and can stay informed and educated on the latest tools and upgrades, so you don’t have to worry about the new features of the latest Adobe audio editing tools.
With experience in Adobe Audition Audio Editing, Adobe Audition Video Editing, and Adobe Premiere Pro software, VCD’s team of talented and professional editors provide fast and quality service to many clients in the motion picture, video, broadcasting, and sound recording industry.

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Considering the unique requirements of professional videographers to production studios, we offer hourly as well as full-time equivalent (FTE) pricing packages. The VCD team can assess clients’ project needs and decide on the best value-for-money pricing structure during the initial discussion. Get in touch with Video Caddy to outsource Adobe Audition Audio Editing services and Adobe Audition Video Editing services, and let the professionals expertly tackle your next audio or visual editing project.

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