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Film Re-Editing Service

Video is undoubtedly the new-generation marketing medium that has the highest rate of brand recall.

Film Re-Editing Service

Video Caddy has the expertise to handle your most demanding films re-editing services.

As a film editing company, we have been editing creative files for over 10 years and have accumulated absolute knowledge and experience while working with corporations, wedding agencies and movie production houses. Our workforce is proficient with both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Re-editing can be a daunting task that diverts your focus from core services. Outsourcing film re-editing and movie content re-editing to Video Caddy is the smart thing to do because it will save you both time and money. You will not need to hire new employees or buy new equipment.We're ready to get started when you are.

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Film Re-editing Services That Video Caddy Supports

Re-editing requirements for video productions have become more complicated, time-consuming and expensive during recent years. This has created the perfect situation for clients to outsource all of their movie editing services to Video Caddy. Here are four key examples of video clients that we serve:
In-flight movies are an important service for airlines, and we help keep your customers happy with our custom editing to remove objectionable content, sexual content, obscene content, graphic violence, and more.
Movie Rental Shop/Agencies
Video Caddy can help movie rental shops adapt quickly to a changing business environment so that you keep existing clients and win new ones.
Private Clubs
Every private club has a unique video re-editorial agenda that we can help to facilitate without breaking the budget.
Video Caddy specializes in helping individuals with unique film or movie re-editing requirement for each one's personal viewing or commercial intention.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Film Editing Company

Why should you outsource film re-editing services to Video Caddy? Here are the six reasons:
24/6 Customer Service
Video Caddy team works round the clock six-days-a-week to complete your project in-time and answer your service requests.
Cost Savings Over 60 percent
Re-editing is expensive, and we can save 60 percent of your current expenses (compared to the cost if you do it yourself or by hiring other providers)
Skilled Workforce
Video Caddy has an experienced team to work on your project and deliver the required output so that you don't have to spend on hiring full-time employees.
Dedicated Account Manager
We assign a dedicated contact person for all your task enquiries, change requests, and deliveries to make working with us as seamless as possible.
No job is too small or large for Video Caddy. Having us on your project, you don't have to constantly shift your internal labor force to meet the delivery deadlines.
Access to Cutting-Edge Technology
We use the advanced tools such as Final Cut Pro , Edius Pro , and Premier Pro etc., and with us, you don't have to bear the software-wise expenses.
What to Do Next: Outsourcing Your Film/Movie Re-editing Services to Video Caddy Video Caddy
Video re-editing is a challenging but mandatory part of your business. How can you save valuable time while also reducing your expenditures? Outsourcing to Video Caddy is the cost-effective answer.
Video Caddy has an entire team of video re-editing experts that can be at your disposal almost immediately. Contact Us today and get started!

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