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Video Editing with Apple Final Cut Pro

Video Caddy has nearly a decade of experience editing products with Apple’s premiere video editing software. Dedicated to delivering high-quality video editing services to businesses both large and small, as well as video production houses and videographers, Video Caddy promises to deliver a quality product.

Final Cut Pro Features

Final Cut Pro meets the needs of today's video editors and features:

Magnetic Timeline offers a fluid, flexible way to edit, allowing Video Caddy Pros to assemble shots that flow smoothly from one to the next for a polished video product.


Multi-cam inputs allow editors to assemble angles from many different cameras offering several views of a scene to tell the product story using multiple shots.


Multichannel audio editing allows several different audio channels for a variety of integration of sounds and music to include jingles and narration for a professional product.


The Auditions feature collects multiple alternative shots in the timeline that allows the editor to choose the best ones or to produce multiple versions of the video and giving the client many options to choose from.


A clip connection allows similar elements to be grouped together for easier access and also comparison of the clips, giving the client various options to pick the appropriate one


Using 64 bit architecture and background processing makes the editing process faster and smoother for a quicker product turnaround.


Direct support to Sony's professional digital video cameras — the F5 and F55 by allowing import of XAVC files directly into the software without conversion, saving time and money.


Numerous export options to include iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The variety of options gives the client many different platforms for viewing the final product.


Add Chapter Markers right in the software to quickly move between sections within a QuickTime file, DVD, or Blu-ray disc, giving the video versatility and ease of use.

Virtual Reality (VR) and
Video Caddy – A Perfect Fit

Before beginning a project, our video producers will discuss your needs and desired outcome. Our editors
specialize in creative and innovative solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.
Video Caddy ensures its workforce is trained thoroughly on each upgrade to Edius Pro , Adobe Premiere Pro , and Final Cut Pro.
In addition, we employ a staff of specially trained editors who work exclusively on
Mac systems to maximize the full power of Apple's computers to produce a professional video product.

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What Our Client Say

Exclusive Video Editing with
Apple Final Cut Pro

Designed by Apple for use on its powerful graphic computers, Apple Final Cut Pro is a non-linear video editing software that runs on Intel-based Mac OS computers powered by OS X version 10.6.8 or later.

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