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Holiday Video Editing Service

Too often after a special vacation, the photos and videos of your trip sit unused in a folder on your desktop or memory card - unshared and unseen.

Holiday Video Editing Service

With more than two decades of experience, Video Caddy’s (VCD) team of skilled video editors help in converting those raw footages into beautiful and professional looking holiday videos.

With our holiday video editing service, we offer to edit the raw video footages, remove unwanted noise, add background music, dialogues and more to give family and friends a glimpse into your vacation.

Video editing isn’t simply a job. Our experts truly are passionate about what they do - and it shows in the final results you receive. If you want your holiday videos to be made like a movie telling the entire journey, contact us today.

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Holiday Video Editing Services We Offer

Making use of cutting-edge video editing software, our experienced team creates top-quality holiday videos which perfectly capture the feel of your holiday.
Video Merging
The editors at VCD combine several small clips and bits of footage with smooth transitions to convert them into one seamless, professional video.
Video Stabilization
Holiday videos are usually bumpy and not stabilized, and having a professional looking video relies on smooth, stable footage. Our experienced editors stabilize the footage and create impressive looking videos.
Footage Clipping
Irrespective of the footage length, our skilled video editing team removes the unwanted clips and moments, without affecting the flow of the finished holiday video.
Video Correction
With decades of experience in editing videos, our team provides all suitable video corrections, including light and color correction, noise reduction, adding background score, background change, and more.
Value Added Services
Our team also provides other value-added holiday video editing services, including adding background music, creating special effects and transitions, or adding subtitles.

Benefits of Outsourcing Vacation
Video Editing

With decades of experience, and access to the latest tools software, such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Edius Pro, Video Caddy is able to produce gorgeous, professional videos at an affordable rate, within your deadline.
Transform Poor Quality Footage
Occasionally, holiday footage doesn’t come out the greatest quality, and though you might think it’s useless, Video Caddy can transform even low-quality footage into engaging, professional looking video.
An Unbiased Viewpoint
With a completely unbiased view of your footage, Video Caddy can create a fresh look at your vacation without any preconceived notions.
Effective Storytelling
Telling a story with footage can be challenging for amateur editors, but luckily, our skilled team of editors has the expertise to tell your story in the best way possible.
Multipurpose Usage
Whether you intend to post them to social media, host them on a website, bolster your YouTube content, or store them safely in your video collection, we make sure that your videos work on whichever platform you choose.
Preserving Memories
At Video Caddy, we understand how important it is to have memories to look back on. Our services guarantee crisp, clear footage that takes you back in time whenever you need to reflect.
Quick Turnaround Times
Following some of the most efficient processes and editing techniques, our speedy editors can ensure your videos are delivered according to defined timelines.
Choose Video Caddy’s Holiday Video Editing Services
Reliable, cost-effective and efficient, get your vacation videos and clips converted into highly professional looking videos by our experienced editors today!

What Our Client Say

Approached by an US-based Car Dealer, VCD Helped with 3D Animation and Walkthrough Video of the Dealership.
Video Caddy Developed an Extensive Storyboard with Standout Characters for Reputed French Translation Company
Cinematic Wedding Video Editing for Popular Italian Visual Media Studio