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Product Video Editing

Video Caddy (VCD) offers Product Video Editing Services for eCommerce, media and entertainment, real estate, medical, advertising, automotive,

VCD’s Range of Product Video Editing Services

VCD’s video editors have a keen eye for corporate video editing and post-production tasks that allow us
to provide a carefully curated service range specifically for product marketing and promotion:
  • Product Demo Videos

    We help you create and edit your product demo videos. These demo videos can be used to promote your business at trade shows and on online platforms to convince potential investors.

  • Product Promotion Videos

    If you want your finished product to be promoted on online media or trade publications, we can create a product promotion video that will perfectly capture the nature of that product to reach target audience.

  • Product Life-Cycle Videos

    We also develop comprehensive videos that will visualize and showcase the full life cycle of your products, elaborating your marketing, financing, and manufacturing strategies.

  • Color Grading

    VCD uses Cinematic Color Grading to adjust different aspects of the product footage, including color, tone, saturation levels, brightness, contrast, black level, white balance, and details. We use specific qualifiers to modify colors

  • Special Effects Addition

    VCD can apply creative effects, distortion, chroma-key, gamma manipulation, and textual overlays for a completely customized final result. We include customizable edits, cuts, and effects to add polish based on the product

  • Soundtrack Editing

    VCD video editors can edit music and sound effects into the final product video, incorporating nuanced or dynamic musical compositions. We understand that visual elements need the support of sound to bring a project

  • Aspect Ratio Update

    VCD can adjust the aspect ratio of your product videos to suit standard formats such as 16:9 and 4:3, to ensure suitable viewing across a multitude of platforms and environments. Includes standard aspect ratios for social

  • Video Compositing

    VCD uses compositing techniques for multiple product videos of the same type that need to be rendered into a single, complete product video. Includes solutions for both green or blue screens, and multiple exposure.

Benefits of Partnering
with Our Product Video Editing Team

VCD’s efficient workflow and veteran knowledge of the latest video editing techniques allows companies
the world over to benefit from a custom approach to product video editing:

Intuitive and Contextual Editing

VCD adds context through the editing process to showcase what your product is, how it works, and why your customers need it, while highlighting brand value and creating actionable inspiration.


Trendy Video Editing Techniques

Take advantage of trending video editing techniques and tricks like orange-teal color grading, luma fade, whip pan, and motion graphics that bring a contemporary, edgy quality to today’s product videos.


Professional Level Detail

Avoid common video editing mistakes, like jump cuts, inconsistent audio, faulty transitions, incomplete frame adjustments, or poor graphics that can occur when attempting to edit product videos yourself.


Guaranteed Stability and Performance

We ensure that video performance and stability is measurable and sufficiently supportive of the powerful effects that were applied during post-production and editing, and verify that the finished product works across target devices.


Large Scale Product Expertise

Companies in the life science, medical, industrial, manufacturing, and automotive spaces can work with a video editing company who has experience in large scale products, such as industrial and contractor equipment, technology, manufactured parts, machinery, laboratory containers, and more.


Raw Video Editing

Companies with raw or amatuer product video footage can enhance their product with dubbing, clip resizing, trimming, snapping, rotation, dynamic compression, and video masking.


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