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Professional video tours are vital to showcase your properties and attract potential buyers. Video Caddy (VCD) specializes in creating personalized and engaging video tours that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Let us help you take your real estate marketing to the next level with our high-quality real estate video tour services.

Custom Real Estate Video Tour
Services from Video Caddy

We have over a decade of experience creating cutting-edge real estate video tours that
boost the appeal and interest around specific properties. Video Caddy’s services include:
  • Scripted Voice-Overs

    Our team understands how to achieve the sound and style your virtual tour video requires, using key vocal talent and dedicated script experts who oversee every step of the process.

  • Video Production

    We take the most excellent care in developing your video content, using tools such as Google Earth Pro, motion and graphic design platforms, sound design, integrated photography, and encoding programs.

  • Drone Video Sweeps

    Drones enable the creation of dramatic, sweeping views of properties, including flyovers, fly-throughs, and full property tours. The client gets a view they would otherwise never get of the property in question.

  • Development of 2D & 3D Video

    Video Caddy has a high level of experience handling 2D and 3D video types. We follow your requirements and recommend the best strategic approach for each option.

  • Mediacasting

    Lower-budget applications are perfect for media casts - this photo slideshow-based tour option makes it possible to get a view of properties at a more affordable rate. These can also be further enhanced using animation techniques.

  • Detailed Additions

    We carefully consider all relevant aspects of your video creation needs, including time lapses, sunset or sunrise shots, overlays, watermarks, and every other requirement you may have. Our experts have seen it all.

Reap Multiple Benefits with Our Real
Estate Virtual Tour Creation Services

Video Caddy has over a decade of experience delivering market-leading real estate video
tour creation services to clients worldwide. Benefits of outsourcing with us include:
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Proven Protocols

We are an established and well-trusted service provider due to our highly effective internal processes. We incorporate four key steps: pre-production, video creation, post-production, and handover.

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Creative Strength

Over a decade of successful real estate virtual tour service delivery has enabled our teams to develop an in-depth understanding of creative briefs, video direction, and editing.

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Intensive Promotion

We create engaging content that promotes properties and agencies, grabbing the attention of potential buyers and boosting brand awareness online.

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Cost Reduction

Outsourcing to Video Caddy saves real estate businesses a huge amount of money. We have all the experience, equipment, and facilities required to deliver top results every time.

Specialized Real Estate Video Tour Production Services


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We ensure that every real estate video tour we create is of the best quality. Video Caddy draws on over ten years of experience to develop appealing, memorable, brand-sensitive real estate videos. Contact us today to accelerate your video marketing with high-quality real estate virtual tours!
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