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Sports Video Editing Services

Video Caddy’s (VCD) video editing team is experienced in crafting raw sports footage into clean videos for streaming, publishing, and storage.
Sports Video Editing

Sports Video Editing Services
Offered by Video Caddy

Our sports video editing services are uniquely tailored to meet the clients’ custom requirements. For example, long-form sports events like cricket or football don’t need much of video stabilization; however, events like squash and swimming need meticulous stabilization for a good video.
  • Match Coverage

    VCD makes use of intelligent splicing and syncing to ensure that all of your footage from various camera angles are stitched together in a cohesive, translatable manner. This process shows off every possible detail of each match.

  • Highlights & Replays

    Our team sorts through and selects sections of footage to be featured on highlight reels, creating a deep-seated sense of team spirit and camaraderie. Using our highly skilled storytellers, we can highlight the best moments in your footage.

  • Training Media

    We take pride in creating motivational, uplifting, and exciting training films to enhance player development and the translatability of key concepts.

  • Sport Recruitment Videos

    Our team created both collaborative and comprehensive recruitment films for sporting organizations. Our collaborative offering gives you additional control over the process and final outputs, while the comprehensive option allows for a more automated

  • Promotional Videos

    We craft attractive promotional videos to highlight specific players, organizations, clubs, teams, or infrastructure.

  • Non-Linear Video Editing

    VCD makes use of cutting-edge technology and the industry’s top professionals to create effects, enable high-speed editing, and craft 2D and 3D graphical additions. We can supply your outputs in any format you require.

Benefits of Opting for Video Caddy’s
Sports Video Editing Services

VCD makes all of your video editing requirements become a reality, with a combination of advanced software and experienced video editors. Benefits of outsourcing to VCD include: requirements become a reality, with a combination of advanced software and experienced video editors. Benefits of outsourcing to VCD include:

All File Formats Supported

Our team edits any file format (MP4, 3GP, MKV, AVI, QuickTime, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc.) and provide your final sports video in the format you want.


Addition of Text and Subtitles

Our editors are adept at the validation and addition of texts and subtitles to the full video or a portion of it as requested by the client with complete accuracy.


Time Mapping

We re-map the timeline and flow after trimming, adding content, or adjusting the speed of a portion of the video (accelerating the video or slow motion).


Noise Correction and Audio Editing

With our audio editing service , VCD makes the video free from all kinds of audio distortions by streamlining the pitch, tone, and adjusting the background noise.


Motion Tracking and Animated Transitions

As requested by the client, we can follow a publishing script to add animated text, graphics, or other information pointers aligning the objects in motion with smooth transitions.


Addition of Effects and Background Music

Our music editing team pushes its limits to add the appropriate sound effects and background music for team celebration, prize distribution, and other special moments for a great feel.


What Our Client Say

The Best Sports Video Editing Service from Video Caddy

Video Caddy combines cutting edge technology, subject matter experts, and skilled editing technicians to create the most immersive, and eye-catching sports videos to showcase. Over a decade in the video editing industry, we have assisted coaches, managers, independent sportspersons, and sports facilities across the world. Contact us today we’ll have a detailed discussion to get your project done in time and budget.

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