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Storyboard Animatic Services

If you want your storyboard to be translated seamlessly into animatic form our professional artists and animators, Video Caddy can perform that task for you with ease. We are able to capture the creative concept of the storyboard just right,and collaborate with you effectively to translate it into an animatic form.we'll cover everything from precise camera movements to facial mimicry.

We are able to offer you a conversion of your storyboard to three types of animatic forms: basic, flow, and beauty flow. In choosing the basic animatic form, your creative concepts will be turned into an animated storyboard.

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Video Caddy's Animatic Services

There will be basic camera movements utilized, along with a general animation of key characters and objects for the project. If you decide on the flow animatic form, your creative concepts will be animated with special effects to enhance the realism, camera movements will be implemented and fluent animation of the characters and objects will be done.

Movie animatics

Movie animatics

2D/3D animatics

2D/3D animatics

Animatic adaptations of commercials

Animatic adaptations of commercials

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Accepting an Innovative Project, Video Caddy Developed a Complete Wedding Video from Hundreds of Raw Phone Camera Clips

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From companies across the globe, different quotes, the quality during the trial period helped us decide our new partner. Quality was exceptional.


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Benefits of Our Services

In choosing Video Caddy to provide you with animatic services,you'll hiring a team or professionals with over a decade of extensive experience in film editing, animation, and videography. We have several years of experience under our belts, reducing our potential of making errors and increasing our productivity. The following are some of our service benefits:

Highly certified editors
Utilization of the latest software
Volume discounts and cost-effective prices
24/6 customer Services
Over a decade of industry experience
Professional Branding
There are plenty of companies out there that can provide you with animatic services for your projects;however, if you want a company that's reliable, professional, and highly skilled with tons of creativity, then Video Caddy is your best bet. For more information contact us today!