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Video Caddy (VCD) provides Cartoon Storyboard Services for commercials, training videos, films, video shorts, explainer videos, and much more. Our experience working with the industry’s top producers, directors, artists, and animators translates to comprehensive cartoon storyboards that are both meaningful and understandable. VCD’s conceptual artists, producers, animators, and writers work together to jointly produce the concept and sequence for the storyboard, including scene transitions, dialogues, framing and cutting, and montages. We strategically incorporate product placement, training concepts, character design, brand messages, and storyline to suit a diverse range of cartoon applications across industries.

Offshore Cartoon Storyboard Services with VCD for structured story development that embodies the client’s vision and format and communicates ideas in a refreshing, cost-effective, and practically applicable way.

Comprehensive Cartoon Storyboard Services

VCD’s educated and experienced writers, artists, editors, animators, and producers utilize a design thinking and collaborative approach to storyboard design, for a holistic and efficient result. Services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • CGI Cartoon Storyboards VCD provides storyboards specifically for CGI cartoons, with a consistent theme and style that incorporates the dimensionality of the genre with the technical, artistic, and production demands of CGI animation.
  • 2D Animated Cartoon Storyboards VCD offers storyboards for 2D animated cartoons that preserves the narrative of the story and script while allowing the characters and plot to be distributed frame by frame in a procedural, yet inspired method.
Illustration Artist
Sketch Artist
  • 3D Animated Cartoon Storyboards VCD features storyboard design for 3D animation that ensures 3D objects, characters, and camera movements can be integrated, and 3D storyboard animatics can be converted without compromising the story layout or scene transitions.
  • Whiteboard Animation Storyboards VCD offers whiteboard storyboards that include graphics, text, characters, brand messages, marketing strategies, audience pain points, and script. Extends to script inclusion, action, and visual elements.
  • Anime Cartoon Storyboards VCD builds on action lines when preparing anime storyboards, so plot-driven devices and character development are at the forefront of concepts and sequence progression. Includes planning for subtitling and dubbing variations, and voiceovers.
Storyboard Artist

Benefits of Hiring VCD’s Professional Storyboard Artists

VCD brings clarity to storyboard development so that companies and individuals can benefit from an experienced company who embraces professional filmmaking principles:

  • Anticipated Production Process Plan out production from initial art concepts to final post-production stages so that stories can unfold naturally and the entire service process can be anticipated in advance of execution.
  • Optimize Character Performance VCD prepares the cartoon character performances with storyboard layouts that are meticulous and consistent with the script, for highly individualized characters that follow a specific design model and series of completed actions.
  • Thumbnails to Elaborate Storyboarding Businesses can begin with thumbnail sketches across panels for initial concepts, and then move into more elaborate storyboard design depending on their ideas, delivery models, and overall vision for their animated cartoon.
  • Synchronized Animation and Storyboarding VCD’s storyboard designers take film length, production requirements, and editing into account when preparing the storyboard to ensure that everything from shot sequences to character motion is fully synchronized and animation mechanics are arranged before beginning production.
  • All-Encompassing Storyboard VCD can work with an existing script, or prepare one from scratch to help ensure the cartoon storyboard covers the storyline, character state of mind, intended audience emotions, point of views, and continuity
  • Experienced Storyboard Development Professional film studios can work with an agency who has experience collaborating with directors, supervisors, animators, and executive producers for a streamlined approach to storyboard design and development.

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Film studios, professional and amateur animators, sales and marketing departments, HR departments, and students have enjoyed the high-quality solutions, confidentiality, and precision of India’s preferred full-service Cartoon Storyboard agency. Our daily immersion in the latest animation techniques and trends, and commitment to ongoing training and education have given us an edge over the competition; one we extend to our valued clients.

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