Character Creation Services

Character Creation Services

Working with several industries, including gaming, advertising, and publishing, our character illustration team at Video Caddy (VCD) is highly adept in a variety of visual enhancement services. Not only do we create mascots, feature characters, or illustrated models necessary to present your product, service, or brand, but connect with your audience. Our character illustration service ensures that your concept is accurately represented, professionally drawn, and ready for integration into your next campaign at the earliest.

We create animated characters based on the script and profuse the emotions keeping in mind the story you want to narrate. Our skilled artists, illustrators, and animators are able to create illustrations in numerous project styles including freehand, creative briefs, and eye-catching characters for comics, books, games, animation, web content, and more.

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Artistic Character Creation Services Video Caddy Offers

In order to keep up with the ever-changing industry trends, our team offers a variety of tailor-made services that our clients can choose from. These services include but are not limited to:

Video Game Character Creation

When it comes to eye-catching and exciting mascots, our team provides expert design services that bring your brand to life at major events. We can assist in designing a completely new concept or enhancing an already existing one.

Cartoon Character Creation

We assist you in visually communicating your concepts and ideas. We do this by first drawing a mock draft of your character, including the initial stick figure. We then apply an understanding of the underlying character structure, including faces and figures, thereby breaking down existing characters to their basic elements.

Mascot Character Creation

When it comes to eye-catching and exciting mascots, our team provides expert design services that bring your brand to life at major events. We can assist in designing a completely new concept or enhancing an already existing one.

2D Character Creation

Our illustrators draw or map out 2D representations of your character creations using leading software and methods tailored to your needs. We also offer a thorough project review and discussion phase in order to ensure complete accuracy.

3D Character Creation

We assist you with the production of 3D characters for video games, film and television, advertising, online videos, and more. In order to enhance your project goals, our animations help communicate complex messages in an easy-to-understand and visually engaging way.

Book Character Illustration

Our illustrators work closely with our clients to refine briefs, ensuring you end up with the most beautiful book possible. We assist with character style requirements and create characters for book covers and inners for a number of different book types.

Character Creation for Branding Purposes

At Video Caddy, we ensure the design and style of each character are customized to complement the brand of your company for both print and digital marketing materials and give the color, texture, and emotions to the characters accordingly.

Why Outsource Character Creation Requirements to Video Caddy

By choosing to work with our team at Video Caddy, you are not only guaranteed a quality output but will gain from numerous other benefits as well, including:

  • Accurate End Products

    Our experienced team not only offer a professional end product but ensure every aspect is accurate and meets any needed compliances.

  • Advanced Storytelling

    You gain expert product interpretation services that assist you in not only providing quality products but telling the story of your business or brand.

  • Empathy and Engagement

    By gaining a quality output delivered by experts, your brand will effectively showcase in-depth character creations that people can empathize with allowing for an overall increase in brand recognition and support.

  • Transform Viewers into Customers

    By using compelling and entertaining characters to explain your product or service, you will boost your viewer conversion rate by 20%.

  • Fast and Intime Delivery

    Our team provides faster project turnaround times, thereby benefiting you in project crunch times.

  • Professional Branding

    You will benefit from not only getting your name out there but doing so with the professional touch only experts can deliver. We can also assist in creating the very best look for your image.

Expert Character Creation for all Your Needs

Striving to provide the highest design quality, our team at Video Caddy goes over and above to assist in each and every aspect of a budding character creation project. Making use of cutting-edge software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Edius Pro, we offer high-quality deliverables at affordable project rates. With over a decade of experience on offer, if you want it done right then give us a call, we’re excited to work with you!

Contact Video Caddy today and learn why we are a trusted provider for so many game studies, film companies and advertising firms when it comes to all of their character creation needs. We can customize our services to match your specific needs and ensure the final product you receive is exactly what you visualized for your project.

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