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Storyboard Illustration Services

Video Caddy’s (VCD) storyboard illustration service is backed by over a decade of experienced in delivering professional storyboards, illustrations, videos, and animations. Our storyboard illustrators for hire are skilled in developing visual ideas through drawing, sketching, and painting for the storyboards. Additionally, our team of illustration artists is well-versed with all the cutting-edge software that adds value to the quality of the storyboards, including Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop, etc.

Starting from book illustrations to training reference materials, posters, advertising materials, film, and animation storyboards, VCD assists with almost everything. Each of our storyboarding illustration services is fully customized to meet the unique requirements of our clients and ensures a guaranteed realization of your vision.

Professional Storyboarding Illustration Services by Video Caddy

Our team of illustrators works closely with each client to provide a wide range of customized services best suited to each project. Our services include:

  • Storyboard Animatics We are able to edit multiple storyboards simultaneously and create continuity boards (animatics) complete with perfect timing, temporary dialogues, and sound. These types of projects are perfectly suited to pitches and project demonstrations.
  • Cartoon Storyboard Services By combining your ideas with our expert storyboarding services, VCD provides a deeper look into the finer details involved in creating a smooth, polished, and entertaining cartoon. We ensure that the character goes well with the plot.
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  • Comic Book Storyboards When creating or planning a new comic book production, our team can assist in creating a bridge between the writer and the intended audience by assisting with the scriptwriting and physical layout of frames and panels.
  • Video Game Storyboards At Video Caddy, our team provides professional assistance with sequence creation in order to best showcase your video game and the ideas, characters, and challenges reflected within through storyboards.
  • Black and White Storyboards If you are in need of a vintage production, our video editing team offers black and white rendering services that provide a cleaner and more classic approach for your storyboard pitch or demonstration.
  • Concept Panels Our concept panels are professionally designed with creative illustrations that tell the story themselves and are perfect for commercial spots, or demonstrations that need a more defined image detail.
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  • Thumbnail Sketches Known as a rough concept of a storyboard, our thumbnail sketches can be produced quickly while still providing a detailed depiction of your vision and goals. Our team follows the script and visualizes accordingly.
  • Digital Visualization By replacing sketches and toys with digital images which are strung together, we provide a sense of motion and timing. This can help you test out any ideas you might have and then enhance them where needed.

Unique End-benefits of Hiring Our Storyboard Illustration Artists

At Video Caddy we work diligently to ensure you receive the very best output for your needs. The benefits of utilizing our services include:

  • A Simplified Production Our services are created to include all of the shots and details our clients need in order to present a successful storyboard and final project demonstration.
  • Professional Interplay Testing By working with us, you are able to privately test the impact of your visuals and dialog properly before the final release.
  • Advanced Tools By working with us, you gain access to all of the numerous tools, software, and advanced skills needed to create a professional storyboard for any use.
  • A Clarified Vision You are better able to share your vision and passion with anyone needing to see it, including producers, clients, or shareholders.

Creating Storyboards That Depict Your Passion and Enhance Your Bottom Line

At Video Caddy, our professional illustrators offer a wide range of creative design services. Striving to showcase our remarkable abilities in each project we take on, you will be benefited from our 20 years of experience when you outsource storyboard illustration projects to us.

If you are looking for innovative storyboard services, you have come to the right place. Contact our team today and let us show you how professional and precise our skills are. Let’s make your next storyboard one that will not be forgotten.

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