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Photomatic Storyboard Services

Video Caddy (VCD) offers photomatic storyboard services that provide businesses with professionally edited, customizable photomatic storyboards for all industries. Whether it’s advertising, entertainment, or education, your still photos can serve as a powerful storytelling aid for promoting a wide variety of content strategies.
Photomatic Storyboard Services

Our Photomatic Storyboard Service Range

Through applied industry experience, VCD has curated an end-to-end Photomatic Storyboard Service range that fills
in the gaps between your business’s content and visual narration to streamline information relay:
  • Digital Photomatic Storyboards

    VCD utilizes digital photography and photo composite animations to build elaborate or basic scenes in sequential order, meticulously edited together and presented with voiceovers, music, and soundtrack.

  • Concept Art

    VCD’s artists can develop initial concept art, sketches, and drafts to help clients explore alternative means of demonstrating the same idea, or as a precursor to ongoing photomatic storyboard and project development.

  • Detailed Photomatic Storyboard

    VCD creates complete panels that include scene duration and transitions, camera information, dialogue, voiceover, action sequences, music, and sound effects, coupled with manipulated still photography and imagery.

  • Basic Photomatic Storyboard

    VCD offers basic scene content structuring with minimalistic panels that include edited still photos, digital images, text descriptions and hand-drawn sketches, and duration, audio, and lighting information.

  • Photomatic Shot-Specs Storyboard

    VCD works with clients to visually indicate shot specs, including lens length, shot size, two-shot, and other relevant details. Supports technical production for animators, filmmakers, and studios.

Benefits of Outsourcing Photomatic Storyboard
Services to Video Caddy

Businesses can build their creative, educational, and marketing content around a foundation of organized,
sequenced visualizations that jump-start the next stage of the creative journey:

Inform Teams and Departments

Establish a clear guideline for various teams, departments, and personnel to better coordinate roles, enhance productivity, and boost knowledge in high-priority scenarios, such as production sets, advertising agencies, theater environment, and gaming studios.


Optimize Character Performance

VCD prepares the cartoon character performances with storyboard layouts that are meticulous and consistent with the script, for highly individualized characters that follow a specific design model and series of completed actions.


Thumbnails to Elaborate Storyboarding

Businesses can begin with thumbnail sketches across panels for initial concepts, and then move into more elaborate storyboard design depending on their ideas, delivery models, and overall vision for their animated cartoon


Technical and Creative Requirements

Document both creative and technical production requirements to pitch ideas, concepts, and plans in multimedia presentations to gain stakeholder and C-Suite support for projects and help control production expenditures.


Linear and Abstract Products

Utilize storyboards for both linear and abstract products, including video advertisements, films, comic strips, and stop-motion animation, as well as information display, digital games, smartphone apps, respectively.


Aid Interactive Media Developers

Interactive media developers can quickly identify fonts, assets, color schemes, images, characters, sequences, and narrative flow to create master templates or pages for interactive products.


What Our Client Say

Cutting-Edge Offshore Photomatic Storyboard Services in India

VCD is here for you every step of the way, from initial stages of conceptualization to the final touches of post-production. Our international client base has relied on our expertise and innovative techniques for over a decade, and VCD continuously adapts our outsourcing framework and video editing workflow to maintain our position as an industry-leading Photomatic Storyboard agency.

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