Video Caddy Offers Top-of-the-Range Video Game Storyboard Services

Video Game Storyboard Services

Each great video game begins with an amazing storyboard, which lays the foundation for what is to come.

Preparation is key in any project, and at Video Caddy (VCD), our skilled video game storyboard artists have the expertise to help you prepare for creating amazing video games. Having successfully provided video game storyboard services to an array of successful online game developers, our illustrators are able to accurately capture the main elements and themes of your idea and project them perfectly in storyboard form.

The intricate, multi-layer nature of video games requires no small amount of pre-planning. Let our exceptionally talented designers help you with storyboarding services that set you up for success.

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Video Game Storyboarding Services We Offer

Our expert storyboard artists carefully absorb the outline, elements and challenges of your video game before beginning with the creation of the storyboard - beginning with sketches of pivotal characters and scenes, the challenges your characters will face and all major plot points. All character illustrations are tailored to your game’s target demographic, according to your preferences.

2D Storyboards

2D Storyboards

Our talented artists create 2D storyboards, chronicling the actual story of your game, covering important action points and dialogue.

3D Storyboards

3D Storyboards

We create 3D storyboards using the latest computer graphics programs to give a sample of the in-game design to complete the storyboard package.

Character Illustrations

Character Illustrations

Experienced designers at VCD create detailed character illustrations to help you work out visual details, working with your vision to bring your characters to life.

Illustrations of Plot Points

Illustrations of Plot Points

Our illustrators sketch out the action frames of all major plot points and place in chronological order, allowing you to assess the overall tone and flow of the game.

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Why Hire Video Caddy’s Video
Game Storyboard Artists

Video game storyboarding is vital to the development of modern-day games, and Video Caddy’s skilled illustrators ensure your plot is perfectly mapped out, saving you the time and hassle.

Share Your Vision
Mapping out your ideas in a visually pleasing way, video game storyboards make it simpler to share your vision with clients, producers and stakeholders.
Easily Spot Plot Incongruencies
Any discordant details in your game plot can be more easily identified with a visual storyboard, allowing you to fix them before development begins.
Accurately Illustrate Plot for Development Team
Our team of seasoned artists and script analysts with outstanding experience planning the shots, and drawing the panels is able to accurately illustrate the narrative, demonstrate action, and maintain continuity between scenes.
Test Dialogue and Action Sequences
With our video game storyboarding, you can test the impact of major plot points and action sequences, allowing you to see if they will translate well.

Tell Your Story with Video Caddy’s Storyboard Services

Video Caddy has more than a decade of experience catering to clients around the world, offering top-quality storyboard services to bring your video game plot to life. Talented art directors and illustrators to help you correctly sequence events, and create engaging characters, while our industry-leading infrastructure and swift turnaround times ensure each project is completed to your satisfaction and within deadline.

Passionate about the gaming world and characters to life, our talented team keeps open lines of communication throughout the swift process, ensuring that the end results are to your liking. Reach out to us today to discuss your video game storyboarding needs.
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