Video Game Storyboard

Video Game Storyboard

Video game storyboard - Every amazing video game has to start with a great storyboard to lay the foundation for the video game. Preparation is the key to any project, and storyboarding a video game is the best way to prepare for creating the actual video game. At Video Caddy, we have amazing professional video game storyboard artists to provide you with the very best services. We have successfully provided video game storyboard services for a variety of video game designers and video game developers. Our storyboard illustrators will capture the main elements and themes of them video game, projecting it perfectly in storyboard form.

Video Game Storyboard Services

We will absorb your plot outline of the game, along with its elements and challenges before starting to create the storyboard. Our storyboard illustrators will start the storyboard creation process by sketching out the characters and pivotal scenes of the video game storyline, and place them in chronological order. What will be drawn out are the challenges the characters face to move the plot forward to resolve the game's objective. We'll make sure the illustrations of the characters in the game are appropriate for the target demographic. In addition, our concept artists will also include appropriate backgrounds of your game world. According to your preferences, we are also able to include your video game notes where appropriate.

  • 2D storyboards
  • 3D storyboards
  • Character illustrations to
    fit target audience
  • Drawing of character
    challenges (plot points)
Video Game Storyboard

Why Video Game Storyboard Outsourcing to Video Caddy?

By outsourcing your video game storyboard task to Video Caddy, you can avoid the time consuming hassle of storyboarding. This task can be a challenge for anyone who doesn't have the extensive experience or technology to do so. Our professional storyboard illustrators can take care of your video game storyboard needs, and do so according to your preferences, with ease. The artists on our team are passionate about bringing the characters and the world of your video game to life, as they get paid to do what they love. We keep open communication with you throughout the swift process, ensuring that the end results are to your liking.

Our Storyboard Service Benefits

There are plenty of services benefits that Video Caddy will give you, especially in assuring the satisfaction of clients and their concept ideas. Here are some of our services benefits:

  • High security of concept ideas/data of clients

  • Quality guaranteed on all services

  • Certified professional editors

  • Utilization of latest technology

  • 10+ years of experience in the industry

  • Affordable prices

  • 24/6 customer service

  • Quick turnaround

If you're in need of a company that can provide you with professional video game storyboard services of the highest quality, we believe that Video Caddy is your very best option. For further information on our video game storyboard services or any other services we offer, please feel free to contact us today.

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