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Video Summarization

Video Summarization Service at Video Caddy is a breakthrough offering that helps you find your video in a digital library without watching the video. Video Caddy provides businesses the ability to structure their collection of videos each with its

Video Summarization Services

Extensive range of video summarization services for creating the perfect video synopsis
  • Video Types We Work With

    The types of videos we include in our Summary Service encompass Training, Educational, Explainer, Promotional, Marketing, Branding, Travel, Entertainment, and more.

  • Video Summarization Pricing Model

    Video Caddy has designed a straight forward pricing structure for our Video Summarization Service that is built around two simple models:

  • Fixed Video Length

    For videos that are of a particular length, we offer a fixed pricing model, as agreed upon in the customized Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Per Word Count

    For videos of varying lengths, we offer a pricing model based on the word count for the entirety of the video summary. The per-word-count pricing and the delivery timeline will be based on the customized SLA.

Video Summarization at VCD

Video professionals at Video Caddy watch a video and summarize the key thoughts, points, or takeaways of the video in either short paragraphs or bullet points. The video synopsis will profile all the major points within the video and will include a brief idea about its content or storyline.

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