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Video Tagging

At Video Caddy, we know that the biggest aim of creating video content is to boost your visibility and be found online by your target audience.

Video Tagging Services

Armed with unparalleled expertise, our team makes quick work of the professional video labelling and tagging process to ensure that your media can be found easily via Google, other popular search engines, and the internal search function of your website.

Having worked with clients across the globe, our team is extremely efficient and we are able to expertly tag thousands of videos in a short space of time. We are able to tag any video with at least 5 (or more) terms depending on your unique specifications. We’re ready to step up to the plate and provide you with the superior video tagging services you deserve.

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Video Labelling and Tagging Services

Video Caddy’s video labelling and tagging services encompass all of the following:
Match Coverage
VCD makes use of intelligent splicing and syncing to ensure that all of your footage from various camera angles are stitched together in a cohesive, translatable manner. This process shows off every possible detail of each match.
Highlights & Replays
Our team sorts through and selects sections of footage to be featured on highlight reels, creating a deep-seated sense of team spirit and camaraderie. Using our highly skilled storytellers, we can highlight the best moments in your footage.
Training Media
We take pride in creating motivational, uplifting, and exciting training films to enhance player development and the translatability of key concepts.
Sport Recruitment Videos
Our team created both collaborative and comprehensive recruitment films for sporting organizations. Our collaborative offering gives you additional control over the process and final outputs, while the comprehensive option allows for a more automated
Non-Linear Video Editing
VCD makes use of cutting-edge technology and the industry’s top professionals to create effects, enable high-speed editing, and craft 2D and 3D graphical additions. We can supply your outputs in any format you require.

Unique End Benefits of Availing Our Video Labeling Services

We pride ourselves on being a premier provider of the most sought-after video labelling services in the industry. The many benefits of working with us include:
Be Found Quickly by Your Target Audience
Our quality video tagging services ensure that your audience will be able to find your content easily. We not only use your specified keyword sets but also suggest keywords that are more widely sought-after, ensuring that all your bases are covered.
Better Digital Asset Management
By automatically adding text tags to your digital assets, it becomes easier to search vast libraries for this content. This, in turn, makes it easier to leverage this rich video content across an entire organization.
Improve Search Engine Rankings
Video tagging and labeling ensures that your content is easily accessible to your audience, helping to improve your overall searchability on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Better User Profiling
If you are tagging video content uploaded to your own particular platform, you’ll be able to learn a lot about your users including interests, demographics, behavioral patterns, and more.
Unlock the Power of Professional Video Labelling and Tagging
The benefits of video tagging services are abundantly clear. Let us help you improve the searchability of your video content and take those search engines by storm. We work closely with our clients, developing a keyword strategy that is guaranteed to generate results. Contact us today, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

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