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Video Caddy (VCD) is a leading YouTube video editing services company that provides cost affordable YouTube video editing services.

YouTube Video Editing Services by VCD

VCD offers comprehensive YouTube video editing services to leading YouTubers and video-makers across the globe.
  • Video Editing (Basic)

    We transform raw footage into a professional video with basic editing. We edit footage from devices like DSLRs, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Color Correction

    Our color correction services transform raw footage into a high-quality cinematic experience by providing the correct color balance and fixing any inconsistencies caused due to lighting changes during the shoot.

  • Lighting Correction

    Our expert teams enhance the lighting in videos that were shot in sub-optimal lighting and eliminate any lighting inconsistencies.

  • On-Screen Graphics

    Our team of video editing experts enhances your videos by adding graphics, text, and shapes to boost their impact on your target audience.

  • Multimedia, Transitions, Effects

    We add smooth transitions, effects, and multimedia to ensure that the raw footage is converted into a final video that is engaging and entertaining for your audience.

  • Audio Correction

    Awkward pauses, repetitive sentences, rogue sounds, and audio miscues are common issues with raw video footage, which our editing experts fix using the latest audio editing tools.

  • Voice-Over Syncing

    Our YouTube video editing teams are highly experienced in voice-over work and ensure that the video’s content syncs flawlessly with the voice-over.

  • Video Stabilization

    Our video editors stabilize footage to provide a smoother, cleaner result by eliminating jitters and blurriness that sometimes pop up in raw footage.

  • Sound and Music Editing

    Our expert video editing services include sound and music editing to ensure that they blend harmoniously with the video.

  • Subtitling

    We specialize in providing subtitles to your videos – in any language of your choice – so that viewers can enjoy your videos in other languages too.

Why Outsource YouTube Video Editing Services

Businesses choose Video Caddy for their editing needs because of our commitment to excellence.

YouTube gets hundreds of millions of views every day. Professional video editing services ensure that your videos make a great first impression.


Since YouTube puts your videos in front of millions of viewers, these videos must be professionally edited.


YouTube videos require unique editing techniques. This includes adding subtitles and annotations best handled by professional video editors.


Outsourcing YouTube video editing services is much more affordable than doing it with an in-house team.

We help you create
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Pricing & Engagement

Our flexible pricing structures make our services an excellent fit for all budgets. Plus, we’re able to dedicate resources to ongoing projects.


Quality Systems

All YouTube video editing services follow a detail-oriented quality control process that meets ISO 27001:2013 standards.


Project Security

By using the latest security technology and non-disclosure agreements, we guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data.


What Our Client Say

Youtube Video Editing Services

We’re the preferred partner of YouTubers from around the world, including North America, Europe, and Australia. Our customized engagement plans make us a great fit for YouTubers with different budgets.

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