What Makes Final Cut Pro A Great Video Editing Tool?
17 Sep2014

What Makes Final Cut Pro A Great Video Editing Tool?

Final Cut Pro is so often the software of choice for video editing companies and filmmakers alike; but what makes it so enduringly popular among the movie elite?

It’s because it can do everything a video maker could possibly want.

As a video editing tool, Final Cut Pro is considered unparalleled, and given its sophisticated range of editing options, it operates on a surprisingly simple user interface. This means that it can be picked up by video editing novices and by those with very little practice, and can be manipulated to produce truly professional results. Here’s why we think it’s a necessity for anybody looking to produce video content.

Technical Advantages

First things first: Final Cut Pro can do just about anything you want it to – one way or another. More recent versions of the program enable the user to make the most of multi-cam features including XML, separate window capability, and Auto-save to stop you from losing that all important work.

Transitions? Yes; Filters? Yes; Easy cut? Yes; Splice? Yes; and soundtrack and audio? Yes. Simply put, Final Cut Pro has it all and provides you with sophisticated tools you want for video editing.

User Interface

Surely, then something with such complex functionality must take years to master?

The answer is no. Final Cut Pro is often the go-to video editing application for video editing professionals because it is so easy to use. Not only that, Final Cut Pro is famed for its speed as well. Want something done really quickly? FCP has you covered.

It is worth bearing in mind, however, that this can vary greatly depending on which version of Final Cut Pro you wish to invest in. Most versions (prior to Final Cut Pro X) work on the same functional principles, but X is entirely different, though admittedly just as easy enough to get to grips with.

Overall Review

As a product of Apple, FCP is only compatible with Mac, which can be a little inconvenient for PC lovers – but the investment is thoroughly worthwhile if you take your video editing seriously.

From personal experience, I can testify that FCP’s new organizational measures ensure that my workflow is considerably quicker and more efficient, making it perfect for freelancers looking to work fast, and in many cases, I imagine, on-the-go.

That said, the software is sophisticated enough to accommodate the most demanding of needs – and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what it can really do.


Final Cut Pro offers a professional experience for the cost and time of a recreational program, with a simplified interface for those not well-versed with professional-quality video editing software, but also a library of features to suit the well-seasoned professional video editors.


Final Cut Pro used to have a higher price-tag of around $700, which for a business, still made it a worthwhile expense, though obviously a stretch for smaller companies. The more recent versions of it have seen the price drop to $299, which for a program so complex and extensive, is remarkable.

All in all, Final Cut Pro is well worth your time and your money and will easily satisfy all of your video editing needs.

– Video Caddy

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