7 Simple Stop Motion Animation Ideas
07 Jan2015

7 Simple Stop Motion Animation Ideas

If you are looking for a clever way to help your business stand apart from the competition, stop motion animation technology is an excellent place to start. Savvy businesses are using stop motion animation to showcase their services and products — it is a unique and effective marketing strategy!

What is stop motion animation? The basic concept involves capturing one or two frames and then moving objects before repeating the process. This creates an illusion of movement.

Stop motion animation techniques have their origins in the earliest cinema era, about 1897. However, the technology has been advanced and used in successful contemporary cinema projects such as Claymation and puppet-based animation.

To give you a better understanding of this exciting business development strategy, here are seven simple ideas from Video Caddy.

  1. Telling a Story — Your story consists of a series of images with action moving from one scene to another. The best place to start is a thoughtful combination of brainstorming, a detailed script and storyboarding.
  2. Background Drawings — Don’t forget to include a background. It can be stationary, simple or complex. But even the simplest background can help with visualizing the motion you want to capture.
  3. Include Multiple Action — This is like having multiple characters in a movie. Multiple plots and action sequences provide an appealing sense of variety.
  4. Keep the Motion Simple — “Keeping it simple” means that you don’t need complicated movement to make stop animation work. Adding simple lines might be enough to convey motion in many cases.
  5. Camera Angles Should Be Varied — Position the stop motion video cameras so that different angles and perspectives are used throughout. Your detailed advance planning should never overlook where the cameras will be. For example, think about how to incorporate both wide-angle shots and close-ups.
  6. Humanize Expressions — Expressing thoughts, actions and emotions is important. Adding audio (just music is enough in some cases) is a great way to do this. Narration can also be an effective strategy to humanize everything.
  7. Vary Speeds of the Action — As in “real life,” your stop motion animation video should include different speeds depending on the individual story elements. To avoid overlooking action speeds, make sure your script covers this important timing detail.

Detailed editing is an inescapable part of the recipe for a successful stop motion animation video. Software like Windows Movie Maker, IMovie and Final Cut Express will be helpful. Videography experts like Video Caddy can also prove to be indispensable partners during your editing phase. Remember to think carefully about adding music and narration during the editing process.

Do Stop Motion Animation Techniques Really Work for Businesses?

You should not overlook the value of social media in jump-starting your business. The first goal in marketing is to make customers aware of your product. In today’s visual business world, cost-effective marketing opportunities now include YouTube and other videos. In one impressive example, a business stop motion animation video for John Lewis Home Insurance received over six million views. Of course, this particularly effective video required three weeks of hard work by a team of 50 people.

You can (and should) do this! Do you know how to make a stop motion animation video? If you need help at any point, Video Caddy is always available. Let us know what you think by leaving comments below or sharing your thoughts with your personal and business networks by using the share buttons.

– VideoCaddy

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