Animation Can Tell Your Story Better than You Can
25 Oct2013

Animation Can Tell Your Story Better than You Can

If you asked your audience whether they’d like to hear your product message delivered to you by the balding CEO of your company or the Taco Bell Chihuahua, they’ll most likely choose the dog. Animation is entertaining. Animation gives you the opportunity to generate excitement and interest around your brand and explain your product in a simple way.

If you haven’t already joined the band wagon, here are five reasons why animation can tell your story better than you can:

1) It is Entertaining: Market researchers know that if you don’t gain a prospect’s attention in the first 8 seconds, you’ve lost them. Animated videos get that initial attention and keep prospects entertained (and focused) up to 2 minutes. With animation the sky is the limit. Your main character can hop from Paris to New York in a second, or dive into the intricate workings of the human brain. Animation has no boundaries, so the most creative companies will be able to set themselves apart from the competition via a fantastic animated film.

2) It Provokes Visual and Emotional Stimulation: Video is the most effective advertising source because its visual and audio presentation influences intelligence and emotion more than any other medium. Legends in the animation video business like Ephipheo know exactly how to extract the juice of the story to create a message that can immediately increase sales or skyrocket a brand. With animation you have the control to place words, images, sound and movement together in a way that generates the emotional response you want from your user.

3) It Generates the Wow-Factor: You want people to see your video and say “Wow, these guys are good!” Cool and impressive videos gain loyal followers who then become ambassadors of your products and services. The wow-factor does not have to cost a lot. There are many great animations that cost under $1,000 to produce. Just combine the creative use of story, character, sound, text and movement into one message that rocks.  

4) It Defines Your Brand: When the video rolls, people want to know what exactly is being sold to them and why they should buy it. Animation does that, while also delivering something that is eye popping and memorable. Your video, done properly, showcases who you are as a business. Your personality as a company or a leadership team will be exposed. Your brand reputation will be spread as it gets posted on YouTube, your website, linked to Twitter and other social media sharing sites.

5) They Will Remember You: We all still remember the Energizer Bunny and the Budweiser Frogs because animation is entertaining. Users remember 58% more by watching video vs. just reading alone. They’ll “get” your message, remember it, and pass it on. Your animated video will be likely to be seen over and over again as it has an eternal shelf life on YouTube channel, your website, in a Tweet or on Facebook for years to come.

– Video Caddy

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