Does Advertising Benefit from the Use of Animation?
24 Jan2014

Does Advertising Benefit from the Use of Animation?

If you’re like many people, the word “animation” conjures up images of cartoons, or perhaps Disney movies. You might not automatically equate animation with advertising, and you might not realize that advertising can benefit greatly from the use of animation. What should you know? Actually, there’s a great deal to cover, but this article will touch on the high points, and those that are most salient to businesses seeking to improve traction and success while cutting costs (that should be you).

Cost Benefits

All forms of marketing are expensive. Even supposedly affordable models like PPC campaigns come with a high price tag when factored over time. Of course, the common logic here is “How can you put a price tag on reaching new customers?” Well, for most business owners, it’s all too easy to do – you only have so much money in your marketing budget. The good news is that animation offers one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums around, and it can be implemented on any scale you want, from brief snippets embedded in live action commercials to fully animated advertisements.

Ease of Adaptation

How easy is it to turn that newspaper advertisement into something that you can use on your website? It’s not that simple, is it? One advantage you gain with the use of animation in your advertising is that it’s very, very simple to translate animated material into a web-friendly format. From that point, you can use it anywhere online – toss it up on YouTube, host it on your website, share it with your fans on Facebook. You get the idea. It’s simple and easy to adapt to the web, giving you additional return on your investment by providing additional reach without any additional cost.

The Immense Flexibility

If you’re shooting live action footage, you’re limited to what’s available in the real world or through the efforts of set designers and costumers (more money). If you’re using animation, the sky’s the limit. The flexibility here is amazing. You can do anything from anthropomorphic designs to complete abstracts. You can do extremely detailed animation, or you can work with broad strokes. That gives you access to a tremendous range of possibilities and all the flexibility that’s not available through other mediums. You can explode a product and drill down into how each individual component works, or you can go macro, and highlight the items use in the wider world. It’s your choice, but understand that there are virtually no limits on what can be done with animation.

Choose a Pro

Now that you clearly see the benefits offered by animation for your advertising, a final word needs to be said – you must work with a professional. Animation professionals are able to deliver high quality animations in a variety of different formats. Amateurs are not, and you’ll end up with something low quality. Do your due diligence and ensure that the animator or animation team you hire has the chops to do the job.

– Video Caddy

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