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08 Aug2019

Business Benefits of Explainer Videos and What They Can Do for You

In the past, the art of business and marketing came down to how a company was presented, the quality of their product and, most importantly, how they reached the public. As things change, the world’s bargaining language has changed too. Gone are the days when excellent copies and headlines sold products. In a world speeding down the fast lane, people don’t have time to read anymore. Instant gratification has become our new expectation and in order to deliver, companies have had to resort to creating faster and more creative means of expressing themselves.

Explainer videos are quickly becoming the new go to for startup companies and mega corporations alike. Many marketing minds are starting to ask how to improve website conversion rates. Why?

Because of an astounding reaction from the public, this marketing trick has increased conversion rates by up to 20%. In fact, this industry is growing so quickly that recent statistics for 2019 have revealed that up to 85% of internet users watch online videos on a monthly basis. These figures are even more astonishing on social media sites.

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Taking a Closer Look into the Science Behind Explainer Videos

An explainer video is usually created as a short, 1-2 minute ‘elevator pitch’ style video that explains who a company is, what they do, or products they offer as well as why it’s great and how it can benefit the buyer. It’s a fantastic way to hook a prospective audience and facilitate their understanding of a business.

There are many reasons why these videos have become so amazingly popular including:

  • Short & Simple Most of us have heard of the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) and that’s exactly what marketers have started doing with explainer videos. In order to avoid bored customers and a high bounce rate, marketers have started using this tactic. Online surveys have shown that up to 95% of viewers retain the baselines of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.
  • Explainer Videos Stay Focused on the Audience Empathy can be a powerful tool when used right. One of the reasons why explainer videos have become so popular is that they are aimed at a specific audience and cater to relevant issues and solutions.
  • Higher Quality When it comes to getting a point across in less than 2 minutes, time is of the essence and not a lot of information can be conveyed. Because of this, explainer videos are usually of a much higher quality to ensure the baseline packs that extra punch and will lead to the audience seeking more information from the company.
  • Animation & Music The truth is that no one enjoys bland words on a bland screen. Statistics have shown that enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. This is because music, sound effects and animation can better set the mood to tell a specific story and helps to increase engagement.
  • Choose simple titles and graphics There is nothing that irritates a person more than when they find something, they like but cannot find its source. Because of that fact explainer videos have become exceedingly popular because they not only draw people in but also tell them exactly where to find it and more. Fast, simple and to the point.
Increasing Conversion With Video

Explainer Videos vs. Branded Videos

An important point to remember when making an explainer video, is that it is very important to make it 100% customized to your target audience’s needs. Template videos tend to lose quality and effectiveness dramatically. The main strength in an explainer video is that it distills a wider range with more complex ideas into a viewer-friendly package, which allows users to walk away with a clearer idea of what a company does and why its products or services are important.

This method differs greatly from branded videos in the sense that companies tend to jump on board with video by implementing their specific branded clips into content marketing strategies. This can be very limited because not all videos are created equal. Branded videos can be animated, but often aren’t and can be very one sided.

Why Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates and Why It’s Beneficial 

There are many facets that go into successful marketing, but the most important question is does video increase conversion rates. That secret art of creating a prospective client into a qualified lead. Despite what most may think that simple step of converting one to the other is not as easy as it sounds and comes down to specific informing and nurturing tactics that have been tried and tested over the years. How to increase website conversions comes down to evenly balancing your content to provide the right amount of push and draw.

Video Vs Text

Explainer videos have become perfect for this purpose because of a few different reasons including:

  • A Clearer Understanding of the Business at Hand Explainer videos can be a powerful tool when needing to make your target find your brand. Because understanding creates comfort and popularity, once you have created the needed levels of understanding; you will see an important increase in your potential clients.
  • Videos Gain an Extended Period of Attention As previously stated it has been proven that a much higher percentage of a targeted audience retain a video information when compared to text. People enjoy convenience so allowing them to learn in a comfortable way will always increase your conversion rates.
  • A Video NationMillennials have often been referred to as the selfie nation and its true! According to Livestream up to 35% of younger people stream videos on a weekly basis. By tapping into this vain companies have a much higher chance of reaching their desired public and spreading the word about their businesses.
  • Search Engines Value Video Content What few people may know is that leading search engines like Google actually rate their users according to the traffic they generate and the more you bring in the better your spot and access will be online. This is usually very highly regarded and in cases where a stream or website is not bringing in enough traffic users tend to get ‘cut off’. Every businessman wants prime locations and advertisement to ensure a prosperous turnover and using high quality videos is a great way of achieving that.

Choosing the Right Partner to Get You There

It’s easy to see why there are so many benefits to getting your company out and about in videos with quality content. Reaching the public in the right way and boosting recognition should be the number one concern on any business owners mind and this is not only achievable but can be extremely beneficial when done with a partner that not only understands your marketing techniques but can bring years of experience to the table. 

At Video Caddy, we can do just that while improving your status and saving you time and money. Our team is highly trained in all of the latest software as well as classic marketing tricks that can not only get your company on the map but help you dominate as a successful company.  Our services include animation, rendering and online portal enhancements and video marketing for small local businesses. 

If you find yourself wanting to provide that professional approach for your latest and greatest products, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

– Video Caddy

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