05 Oct2020

9 of the Best Podcast Ideas to Market Your Business

Creating a business podcast is a great way to tap into new markets and keep a target audience engaged over time. It creates a sense of community and gives people something to look forward to from a brand. These relationships will lead to a number of revenue opportunities.

For instance, a marketing software provider might look into creating a podcast for entrepreneurs who are looking to boost their reach. This podcast would discuss a variety of marketing tactics.

Podcast creation for a food service provider would be something like a recipe podcast or shopping tips. There are a lot of different ways a business can make use of podcast editing services and boost sales with innovative podcast ideas. This blog post will look at nine of the best podcast ideas to market a business.

Creative Ideas to Present Your Business Through Podcasts

Each episode will focus on something specific, but the overall theme needs to be large. Before hunting for podcast creation services, here are some creative ideas for podcasting that you can do on your own.

Product Review Podcasts

This idea works better as a podcast for startups than it would for a fully established brand. Basically, you would find products in the same overall industry as your business and review them.

Product Review Podcasts

It’s important to mention details that your audience might not have considered. With that said, don’t review products that directly compete with your brand.

  • Only review products or services you have personally used.
  • Add a review of the products you are reviewing on Amazon and build your review profile. This will cause businesses to reach out to you for product reviews.
  • Reviewing products can lead to partnerships were two businesses bundle together their products to sell.

Trial and Error Podcasts

Trial and error podcasts document the journey of an individual trying to accomplish a goal or pursue a new hobby. In the case of businesses, it will need to be something related to your industry.

This idea will be more difficult to set up since it requires other people. You would document their journey and then discuss the different aspects of it.

  • Trial and error podcasts can follow any goals or hobbies as long as they somehow link to your industry.
  • If one of the topics involves using one of your brand’s products, then be sure to mention it.
  • Ensure the voice in the podcast is exciting and witty. This type of podcast would not work with a monotone voice.

Multiple Points of View

So there are always multiple points of view on any given topic, so this style of the podcast will show different perspectives. Audiences love to hear different points of view.

Multiple Points of View

The concept behind this idea can be used with topics within the same industry as your business. But there is a lot of room for creativity here. These debates can also be about hypothetical scenarios.

  • Businesses can tap into the curiosity of its audience by sharing different points of view. Intrigue is a powerful emotion that leads to sales.
  • While one person can read different accounts of a topic, this format generally works better with at least two podcasters.
  • Avoid any topics directly related to competitors.

Discuss Something Hypothetical

Hypotheticals tend to draw intrigue from an audience, and intrigue is a powerful emotion that will lead to more sales. There are a number of hypothetical scenarios surrounding all industries, so discuss these.

The goal of this podcast style is to think outside of the box. Provide commentary that listeners just don’t expect and present your hypothesis. What makes this style so powerful is that it will lead to debates within your audience.

  • Be sure to provide a medium for your audience to debate in order to get the most from this style.
  • This can be combined with the multiple points of view podcasting idea.
  • Remember to be bold and provide outside of the box ideas!

Top 10 Lists

Think up some lists for products, services, or anything else related to your industry. Lists are one of the best formats in the world because they tend to draw a lot of intrigues. Plus, they can lead to discussions from the audience.

Another great way to get an audience to interact is to allow them to vote and use those votes to create lists. Or allow them to choose the list, and then you provide the ranking.

  • Provide a method for submission and a set of rules you follow in choosing topics or rank lists.
  • Consider including a written list along with each podcast to boost its reach.

Advice Podcasts

Have listeners submit questions and then answer them. When the podcast is new, there might not be a lot of questions, so you can pull these questions from another resource.

Advice Podcasts

The key is to provide helpful answers. Each podcast can answer a single question or a series of questions. Or you can use this idea as a single segment in a larger podcast.

  • Listeners are more likely to respect the advice of an established brand than they are a startup. Keep that in mind when planning your idea.
  • Consider using these questions as ideas for blog posts to run alongside the podcast.
  • Podcast segments that include advice work well on social media. Consider clipping and using them for posts.

Repurpose Existing Content

Businesses that have existing content should be pulling from that to provide content for their podcasts. Most of the work has already been done, so it’s a simple matter of mirroring it in podcast format. Blog posts, social media content, and even newsletters can all be repurposed into podcasts.

It’s also worth noting that this works in reverse too. Podcasts can be repurposed into other types of content to fill voids. One of the biggest tricks for startup companies with limited resources is to repurpose content in several forms.

  • Remember that different formats will have a different target market. So people reading blog posts might not be the same ones listening to the podcasts.
  • This is the easiest and most affordable method of creating a startup podcast.

DIY Podcasts

DIY is a popular market to tap into because so many people want to either learn new skills or just cannot afford to hire someone to do the work. So teach them how to do it themselves.

DIY Podcasts

This podcast idea works better in video format, though, since it will be difficult to present instructions in audio-only style. Each episode will address a specific topic and then show the audience how to do it themselves.

  • DIY podcasts include anything from how-to guides to complete online courses.
  • It’s possible to make these types of podcasts a premium, but that’s not recommended for new businesses.


This idea can be used to highlight cool features in specific products, books, actors, travel places, and even specific businesses. You can also create full podcasts or use it for segments.

The trick is to find something within the same industry as your brand and then discuss it in detail. Point out what makes it unique and tap into things that are not commonly known.

  • It’s okay to highlight parts of your own business that make it unique and discuss it. Just don’t make every podcast about your business.
  • Try not to spotlight competitors, though, since it couldn’t lead to anything positive.

How to Create Great Podcast Videos

How to Create Great Podcast Videos

Once the podcast has been planned out, it’s time to put in the work to record it. Here is a quick guide to creating an entrepreneur podcast.

  1. Choose the Right Equipment: You need a good camera, a high-quality condenser microphone, and access to the internet.
  2. Get the Podcast Creating Tools: You will need both recording and editing software. Find the best podcast creation app. Audacity is one of the most popular ones.
  3. Talking into the Microphone: This is where most beginners mess up. You need to choose a tone and stick with it. Also, maintain the same distance from the microphone.
  4. Podcast Editing: Another area where many beginners drop the ball is with editing. Consider seeking your podcast editing services to provide the highest quality podcast.
  5. Publish your Podcast: You’ll need to upload your podcast to a platform where you can then link it to popular podcast providers.

Let Video Caddy Handle Your Podcast Post-production

Video Caddy (VCD) is a video and audio editing service provider that specializes in editing and post-production of a variety of personal, commercial, and corporate videos. With an in-house team of editors, animators, and storyboard artists, VCD has been assisting entrepreneurs, businesses, and studios in delivering great audio/video visual experience to their end customers.

Ensuring precise video clipping, quality enhancement, stabilization, and other forms of post-production editing, our editors make sure your podcast stands out for its professionalism and captivates your audience. Contact us to handle all of your podcast post-production needs.

– Video Caddy

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