What Is the Ideal Length of Explainer Videos?
31 Mar2015

What Is the Ideal Length of Explainer Videos?

The use of video in marketing is now a key part of any online business strategy.  One of the most important video marketing questions you need to ask involves the optimum length of product explainer videos. In this article, Video Caddy provides some insights about the best length of an explainer video.

Why Explainer Videos?

First and foremost, your customers will frequently insist on seeing an explainer video before buying a product or service. About 80 percent of website visitors will watch the complete video and then click on other links to learn more. But most potential clients like to start with the video.

Second, the absence of an explainer video can detract from your search engine rankings. Even more importantly, the presence of a video keeps visitors on your website longer — videos increase the visit from 48 seconds to over five minutes.

Third, they work! Many businesses have increased sales revenues by 10 to 15 percent after posting effective explainer videos.

What Decides the Length of Explainer Videos?

Some sites boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 140 percent with an explainer video on the landing page. The “best” explainer video length involves a delicate balance between effectively explaining your service or product without boring the audience. Ultimately the length will be determined by your marketing goals.

You should avoid making your explainer video into a product demonstration — focus instead of less ambitious goals such as explaining key benefits like increasing revenue and saving time. Make sure the customer realizes “what’s in it for them” after seeing the explainer video.

Shorter Explainer Videos Are Better

Viewership can drop dramatically after 60 seconds — a one-minute video usually involves only about 150 spoken words, so being concise and to the point is clearly essential. Success in producing a short but effective video often depends on a script that keeps your video under 90 seconds. Video Caddy can help you make your videos both shorter and better!

How to Keep Your Explainer Videos Short

Keeping it simple in your 90 second explainer videos will be easier if you focus on these four ideas:

  1. The Problem — Take about 20 seconds to talk about the challenge for customers.
  2. The Solution — Use another 20 seconds to present your service or product as the answer to the problem.
  3. How It Works — In 25 to 50 seconds, explain how to get started.
  4. The Call to Action — You need to tell viewers what to do next in about 30 seconds.

Get to the Point

Remember to explain “benefits” rather than “features. You need to “grab” viewers’ attention from the very beginning and keep them interested (and watching) — seven seconds is all you have in many cases before viewers leave the page to give your competitors another look. And if viewers stay, they still have realistic limits about how long they will keep watching. Three or four minutes is usually asking too much, so get to the point and then wrap it up within 90 seconds or so.

The stakes with explainer videos are high. Conversion rates can increase by as much as 65 percent if you “do it right” with your explainer video marketing strategy. Professionals like Video Caddy can help you maneuver through the many potential challenges of making the “perfect” explainer videos for your business.

What is your experience with explainer videos? Please share your thoughts with the social media icons and by leaving a comment below.

– VideoCaddy

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